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Background: 2K is a wholly owned subsidiary and the publishing brand of Take-Two Interactive. It was formed in 2005 in a second effort of concern several internal studios into one brand (the first was Rockstar). The company was born after Take-Two bought Visual Concepts from Sega for $24 million, and it became core for 2K Sports label. Some studios were changed names, as they went into 2K label, such as 2K Boston, Australia, Marin, West, China and Czech.


Logo: We move quickly through a tunnel made of red frames and lines. Then the frames transform into a red parallelepiped shield with the connected letters 2K carved on it. The shield rotates twice and the background lines clear to black.

  • On Nintendo DS games, the logo is still and has no relief effect.
  • On Carnival Games Mini-Golf for Wii, the logo is still and on a white background.
  • On Charlie and the Chocolate Factory for GBA and Motocross Mania 3 for PS2, the logo is color-reversed.
  • FX/SFX: The tunnel effect and the rotating shield.
  • Music/Sounds: A soft electronic-rock tune ending with a computerized announcer saying "2-kay."
  • Availability: Common. Seen on games like BioShock, Borderlands and Family Guy: Video Game! for PSP, PS2, and Xbox.
  • Editor's Note: None.
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