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Background: 2K Sports is a sport games brand of 2K Games. It was former in 2005 after Visual Concepts and Kush Games were bought by Take-Two from Sega.

1st Logo

(2005- )

Logo: Very common to the 2K Games animated logo, but the tunnel we fly in is filled with circles rather than rectangles. The resulting logo has assembled "2K" carving, which instantly goes solid. It has the SPORTS word in italics below.
Variants: On Nintendo DS games, the logo is still and has no relief effect.
FX/SFX: The tunnel effect and the rotating shield.
Music/Sounds: A loud majestic trumpet tune.
Availability: Common. The glowing still version on black appears on newer NBA titles, for example NBA 2K11.
Editor's Note: None.
2nd Logo

(2005- )

Logo: The 2K Sports shield blasts the screen, collecting letters around, and then explodes, unleashing the forms of several sportsmen. They run in every direction, leaving the sole 2KS logo slowly zooming at us. Then it fades.
FX/SFX: The tunnel effect and the rotating shield.
Music/Sounds: Sounds of bang and blast, then crowd cheering.
Availability: Seems to be quite rare, it's known to appear at least on MLB 2K6 and on all versions of The BIGS.
Editor's Note: None.

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