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Background: This is the vanity card of Al Howard, the creator of the game shows Supermarket Sweep and $ale of the Century. Both shows are currently owned by Fremantle.

(February 5, 1990- June 16, 1995, April 3, 2000- May 23, 2003)

Al Howard Productions (1990)Al Howard Productions (1991) Nickname: "The Shopping Cart"

Logo: On the closing credits, we see "AL" on top, with a box and a shopping cart (like the shopping cart on the 1993-2003 Supermarket Sweep logo), "HOWARD" appears under "AL", and "PRODUCTIONS" appears below "HOWARD". The copyright notice appeared below a second after the logo appeared. It appeared like this:


The "AL" and "HOWARD" are in a bold "Kabel" font and "PRODUCTIONS" is in a thinner version of said font. In the early years, the logo was slightly higher, and there was no copyright info.

FX/SFX: The copyright notice appearing, if that counts.

Music/Sounds: The ending theme of Supermarket Sweep plays as well as "This is Johnny Gilbert/Randy West speaking for Supermarket Sweep. Supermarket Sweep has been an Al Howard Production".

Music/Sounds Variant: Sometimes, the "speaking" part of Johnny's/Randy's signoff wasn't said, thereby rendering it as "This is Johnny Gilbert/Randy West for Supermarket Sweep," with Al Howard credited as normal.

Availability: Only seen on Supermarket Sweep, which currently reruns on Buzzr. Also seen on episodes of said show on Amazon Prime Video.

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