Alfavideo (Colombia)

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Logo description by Logophile Video capture courtesy of TheDarknight891020


Logo: On a black background, the camera pans from the left towards the 3-D "ALFAVIDEO" in blue with a colorful logo (also in 3-D) next to it on the left. The camera then eases back downwards as the logo lowers it self to the middle. As that happens, the colorful logo is revealed to be a hybrid between an "A" and a "V". It is made up of a lower-case "a" without a hole in the middle and the rest of it is a "V" broken up of blue, green, yellow and red pieces. There is also a "shadow" line going from the bottom of the letter hybrid to the "E" in video. The logo shines. As this happens, the yellow 3-D words "CON LO MEJOR DEL CINE" flip by from the bottom and rest at the bottom of the logo. After a bit, the logo then flips around and goes away to the right to show the warning screen.

FX/SFX: 1980s computer animation which is decent for the time.

Music/Sounds: A snippet of the intro for "Part 1: The Warning" by Rick Wakeman. Another snippet of said song was used for the warning screen.

Availability: Seen on videos in Colombia by the company.

Editor's Note: The electronic and laser noises may not sit well with a few, but on the logo animation and jingle itself, they did alright.

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