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Logo descriptions by
TheAdmiester and Kylejaker1988

Logo captures by
EnormousRat and V of Doom

Video captures courtesy of
mcydodge919 and JohnnyL80

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1st Logo (December 6, 1992-1996)

Logo: On a black background, two purple transparent rectangles containing the word "ALFRED" on the top rectangle and the bottom rectangle containing "HABER INC." slide from the left and right of the screen. The rectangles slide away from the screen as the words stop in the middle. "WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION" fades in below as all the words shine.

FX/SFX: The rectangles and words sliding, the words shining. Decent effects for the time.

Music/Sounds: An '80s synth tune that sounds like the start of a news program.

Availability: Near extinction. Appeared on reruns of certain programs on the now-defunct Fox Reality channel and earlier episodes of Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures. Can also be found on some VHS releases of some 1990s TV movies.

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2nd Logo (1996-)

Nicknames: "Alfred Haber Oval", "Elongated Circle"

Logo: On a black background, a very elongated blue circle slides in from the left, stopping at the center. At the same time, the words "ALFRED HABER" slide in from the right, also stopping at the center. Once it stops, the words "DISTRIBUTION INC." appear below. Then a blue line starts at the right side of the circle and wraps around the logo both ways, flashing in sync with the last note.


  • Starting in 2013, the logo was redone in HD. The font is slightly different, and the text below now reads "TELEVISION INC.". The oval is also much brighter and instead slows down with the text when they stop.
  • There's a version of the pre-2013 version that's cropped to widescreen.

FX/SFX: Simple but effective CGI.

Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo.

Availability: Uncommon, but still in use. Can be seen on a plethora of reality TV programs like World's Most Amazing Videos, edited 30-minute cutdowns of the World's Wildest...specials last reran on TBS and TNT, Michael Jackson's 30th Anniversary Concert, and Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures on Laff and in syndication. It was also seen on Syfy's reruns of Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction? (both James Brolin and Jonathan Frakes eras), on international prints of Ghost Hunters, and several episodes of Breaking the Magician's Code. Also seen on international prints of Top 20 Funniest and certain concert specials.

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