Amaco Productions (Nigeria)

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Nicknames: "The Cheap Rings", "The Tinnitus Rings", "Cheesy Amaco", "Rings of Doom" "My Way's Nigerian Brother"

Logo: Over a grey background (which looks a lot like several sticks together or a closeup of a tree) with a yellow light beam at the top left corner, which all slowly move, we see three turquoise rings spin around with blue particles forming into the stacked text "Amaco Productions" (Amaco being blue and Productions being aqua) and spinning around before they all stop. The rings then form a stylized planet-like design, then the whole logo flashes.

FX/SFX: Like with typical Nigerian logos, very cheap CGI, probably done with Corel MotionStudio 3D.

Music/Sounds: Some whooshes at the start, then a synthesized theme. For whatever reason, the audio is compressed and bass-boosted heavily, making it absurdly loud.

Availability: Seen on Deadly Wish and its sequel, Deadly Wish 2.

Editor’s Note: This logo is classed to be one of, if not, THE loudest logos of all time because of the music and sound effects accompanied by it, which can also scare many young viewers. Though the cheap CGI might lower the scariness to some, also. The rings also look the same as My Way's logo.

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