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1st Logo (1971-1985)

Nickname: "The Rooster", "Scanimated Pathe Rooster"

Logo: On a navy blue (or blackberry) colored background, we see many white (or pink) circles zooming out in a residue trailing effect. After that, a white (or pink) rooster zooms in with a residue trailing effect. The text "ASTRAL FILMS LIMITED" appears in a "wipe" effect above it, then "presents" appears in a "wipe" effect below it.


  • On French-dubbed movies, the texts are replaced with ''LES FILMS ASTRAL LIMITÉE'' and ''présentent''. This can easily be spotted on the French-dubbed version of the first Care Bears Movie.
  • At the end of the 1983 TV movie Pygmalion, there is a shortened version with just "ASTRAL" above and "FILM PRODUCTIONS LTD." on the bottom (this may also have been used as a TV logo for their television division).

FX/SFX: The residue trails and wiping animation.

Music/Sounds: Usually none. On Pygmalion, a rising synth tune is heard.

Availability: Very rare today. Seen on old Canadian VHS tapes of titles such as Porky's and The Care Bears Movie. Might also be seen on early VHS releases from outfits such as Hi-Tops Video and Media Home Entertainment released in conjunction with Astral, as well as some early VHS tapes from Astral such as Extra Terrestrial Visitors (AKA: Pod People). It is rumored this makes an appearance on the UK Neculus Films DVD of Death Ship, as well as on the 2018 Scorpion Releasing limited edition remastered Blu-Ray (don't bother looking on the earlier Scorpion DVD and Blu-Ray release of Death Ship, as neither this nor the Avco Embassy logo aren't there, either).

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Logo (1985-1990)

Nickname: "Rooster in Space II", "Pathe Rooster Comet II"

Logo: Same as the 1985 Astral Video logo, except "FILMS" is in place of "VIDEO".

FX/SFX: Same as the 1985 Astral Video Logo.

Music/Sounds: Same as the 1985 Astral Video Logo.

Availability: Scarce today, but was seen on films such as Babar: The Movie.

Editor's Note: Same as the 1985 Astral Video Logo.

3rd Logo (1990?-1998?)

Nickname: "Astral Video in Space", "Astral Sunset to the Stars"

Logo: We start off with 2nd Astral Video/Films logo, but the "ASTRAL" text zooms in and then goes through the gold star between the bottom of the "A" transitioning into a space background. Then "ASTRAL FILMS" in dark blue fly in and stay in place in the center of the screen until the logo fades out.

FX/SFX: This was rather impressive animation for the early 90s alongside the 1991 Alliance logo,though like other CG logos of this period, the textures of the inside of the star as well as the star field are kinda dated looking by today's standards.

Music/Sounds: It would ether be silent, or have a jingle similar to the 2nd home video logo.

Music/Sounds Variant: On Canadian prints of Porky's, this would be accompanied by the jingle of the 1953-87 20th Century Fox logo due to sloppy plastering.

Availability: Until recently, this logo's existence was unknown and is presumably very scarce. So far, it has been spotted on the U.S. and Canadian iTunes print of the original Porky's (Astral's successor, TVA International, owns US and Canadian streaming rights to the Porky's franchise instead of Fox). It is also rumored this same combo appears on the TVA Films 25th anniversary Canadian DVD release of Porky's, as well as on the sequels in the Canadian Porky's trilogy DVD set. It's possible it was seen on Canadian prints of other films from this time period, but with Astral seemingly focused more on their video division and less on the theatrical unit, most have probably never had this logo originally or had it removed as far as video releases go.

Editor's Note: Same as the 1990 Astral Video Logo, though the zooming and space transition may startle some who weren't expecting it.

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