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'''Availability:''' Extinct.
'''Availability:''' Extinct.
'''Editor's Note:''' Low, due to the announcer and quite fast pace of the animation.
'''Editor's Note:''' None.
[[Category:Canadian Logos]]
[[Category:Canadian Logos]]

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Logo descriptions by
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Editions by
Unnepad and Edc4

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[edit credits]

1st Logo (1956-1974)

Nicknames: "The Map", "Canada Map", "Map of Canada"

Logo: On a cyan background, we see a dark blue map of Canada with longitude and latitude lines. On it is "RADIO-CANADA" with "CBC" either above or below it in yellow or white.

Variant: There is a black and white version.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: A male announcer saying "This is the CBC Television Network." In French-speaking parts of Canada (such as Quebec), where CBC is called "Radio-Canada", a different male announcer says "Ici Radio-Canada." There is also a version of it where it is silent, likely used at the end of program releases.

Availability: Extinct. Very rarely, you may be able to spot it on CBC if there is a special event involving archives going on.

Editor's Note: None.

2nd Bumper (December 1974-December 31, 1985)

Nicknames: "The Gem", "The Exploding Pizza"

Logo: On a blue background, several orange/salmon/yellow/red-colored objects form in the middle of the screen via a kaleidoscope/mirror effect, forming the pre-1986 CBC logo, which consists of a red "C" with several curved lines and half-circles on the outer edge.

Variant: A variant used in 1975 had different animation and a different fanfare. On a blue background, several small CBC logos pop up on screen to form a pattern, before the middle one zooms into the screen ala the "V of Doom" and overtakes the screen. This one is nicknamed "CBC of Doom".

FX/SFX: The logo forming.

Music/Sounds: An 11-note woodwind sounder, with a male announcer saying "This is CBC." In French-speaking parts of Canada, where CBC is called "Radio-Canada", a different male announcer says "Ici Radio-Canada." Earlier before 1975, this logo used a dramatic 3-note tune with flutes and brass.

Availability: Extinct, though like many things, it is preserved on old tapes and YouTube. It was used for 11 years and was dropped by the end of 1985 for the next bumper.

Editor's Note: None.

3rd Bumper (January 1, 1986-November 1992)

Nicknames: "The Exploding Pizza II", "The Glassy Gem", "The Transparent Gem"

Logo: On a different-colored background, depending on the variant, with a wavy pattern composed of pieces of the familiar "Exploding Pizza", the 1986-1992 CBC logo appears one-by-one in the center and shines. This logo is similar to the 1974 gem logo, but it's a bit thinner, and on here it's transparent and colored differently depending on the background.

Variants: Many variants were commissioned for this logo, and were color-coded for each period of the day.

  • Morning: The background is colored purple/tan/blue gradient, and the CBC logo is colored cyan/tan/pink.
  • Afternoon: The background is colored cyan, and the CBC logo is colored cerulean.
  • Evening: The background is colored turquoise, and the CBC logo is colored cyan.
  • Night: The background is colored black, and the CBC logo is purple.
  • 50th Anniversary (the only known non-daypart version): The background is black, and the CBC logo is gold. Only used in 1986.

FX/SFX: The background waving, and the parts of the "Gem" appearing one by one. Animated by Omnibus Computer Graphics.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note synth-horn theme with a chiming backbeat, and an announcer saying "This is CBC Television" or "Ici Radio-Canada". This was used with the afternoon/evening variants. The morning variant used a majestic flute tune in place of the horns, whereas the night and 50th anniversary variants used more orchestral-sounding renditions of the tune. The 50th anniversary variant also used an announcer saying "CBC. 50 years of telling your story."

Availability: Extinct, but like before, it's preserved on old tapes.

Editor's Note: None.

4th Bumper (November 1992-December 31, 1997)

Nicknames: "The Exploding Pizza III"

Logo: We see a shiny 2x2 grid, with the right top square reading "CBC" and the opposite square reading "SRC". The grid then opens up and turns into a circle. The camera then zooms out as several pieces zoom out onto the circle to reveal the current CBC logo, which is bolder than the other variants and has a solid circle in the middle instead of a "C". Several green and red streaks move between the logo parts.


Music/Sounds: A piano theme with a horn flourish. An announcer says either "This is CBC. Public broadcasting.", "This is the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation", "This is CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.", or "Ici Radio-Canada".

Availability: Same as before.

Editor's Note: None.

5th Bumper (January 1, 1998-December 31, 2001)

Nicknames: "The Gem IV", "Exploding Pizza IV", "Red Gem"

Logo: On a white background, a strange object opens up in the middle of the screen. The official logo of CBC, which consists of the CBC gem with "CBC Radio-Canada" in between the gem, zooms out into a interlocking pattern of CBC logos. A red circle appears and spreads out into the gem as the pattern of logos zooms out and fades away, leaving the gem slowly zooming in.

FX/SFX: The gem forming, the logos moving.

Music/Sounds: Same as before.

Availability: Same as before. It was abandoned during December 31, 2001.

Editor's Note: None.

6th Bumper (September 2001-January 2006)

Nicknames: "The Gem V", "Exploding Pizza V", "Red Gem II"

Logo: On a white background with some rotating objects, we zoom through many digitized lines that move around. We then see 4 of them colliding, making the gem. The screen flashes and then the gem in red zooms out piece by piece. "CBC" and "Canada's own" fades in below.

FX/SFX: The lines, the gem zooming out.

Music/Sounds: An majestic fanfare with the announcer saying "This is CBC, Canada's own."

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: None.

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