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(1965-Early 1970's)

Nickname: "CBS in Color", "CBS Presents this Program in Color"

Logo: On a black background, we see a C dropping from the bottom of the screen. Then a B drops from the top of the screen, and then an S drops from the top of the screen. All the letters form "CBS" in its corporate font, and are all white. Afterward, a yellow CBS eye logo goes through "CBS", changing the letters from white to green for C, blue for B, and red for S, and the CBS eye logo appears next to "CBS".


  • Due to color recording machines being rarer in the late 1960's, many kinescoped color programs. This means that B&W versions exist to most home recordings of color CBS programs.
  • An abridged version exists when The Price is Right had this ID before their programs. This mainly effects the audiovisual portion of this ID, as the 2nd note at the beginning gets cut off before it fades out, and the announcer (which uses the Hal Simms voice over) talks over the warbling synth and fanfare instead of having silence while speaking.

FX/SFX: Simple, but effective 2D animation.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note synth tune by Eric Siday (who also wrote the Screen Gems "S From Hell" music) as the letters drop, followed by synth warbling as the CBS eye spins through the letters, and finally a 3-note fanfare. An announcer will say, "CBS presents this program in color!". This announcer is usually attributed to Hal Simms, but sometimes is done by a different announcer (which usually appears on live programs, rather than prerecorded ones)

Availability: Rare to find regularly, as most new airings of older shows with this are cut off as these were mostly only used during broadcasting on CBS itself. This was seen on programs from this era when CBS started going into color broadcasting regularly. This logo can be found on Hogan's Heroes and The Carol Burnett Show on DVD. Due to how iconic this logo is to CBS, this logo has made special reappearances from time to time. This made a short comeback during episodes of The Price is Right and Kids Say the Darndest Things during their original airings from 1997-2000. Since 2016, this has also been seen on special airings of The Dick Van Dyke Show during December on CBS as it is colorized.

Editor's Note: This logo, while not as popular as the NBC Peacock ID's, is still recognized from time to time, both within and outside the logo community.

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