CBS "Looking Good (Together)" Local IDs

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1979-1980 (Looking Good):

Main logo CBS "Looking Good (Together)" Local IDs - CLG Wiki

KNXT (KCBS) in Los Angeles, California CBS/KNXT 1979

1980-1981 (Looking Good Together):

Main logo CBS "Looking Good (Together)" Local IDs - CLG Wiki

KDKA in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania CBS/KDKA 1980

KREM in Spokane, Washington CBS/KREM 1980

WHBF in Rock Island, Illinois CBS/WHBF 1980

WTVJ (Channel 6, now an NBC affiliate) in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida CBS/WTVJ 1980

KMGH (now an ABC affiliate) in Denver, Colorado CBS/KMGH 1980

KFMBin San Diego, California KFMB Eight (8) - Looking Good Together

WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisiana CBS "Looking Good (Together)" Local IDs - CLG Wiki

KOOL (KSAZ, now a Fox affiliate) in Phoenix, Arizona CBS/KOOL 1980

WHNT in Huntsville, Alabama CBS/WHNT 1980

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