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Main Logo CBS "Reach for the Stars" IDs - CLG Wiki

KNXT (KCBS) in Los Angeles, California File:Knxt1981.jpg

WJBK in Detroit, Michigan CBS "Reach for the Stars" IDs - CLG Wiki

WCIA in Champaign/Springfield/Decatur, Illinois WCIA/W49AA 1981

KDFW (now a Fox affiliate) in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas CBS "Reach for the Stars" IDs - CLG Wiki

WIVB in Buffalo, New York CBS/WIVB (1981)

WTVH in Syracuse, New York CBS/WTVH 1981

(note that the KNXT (Los Angeles, California) version just used custom versions of images and not revised lyrics, plus I am looking for video captures of custom IDs for KFMB (San Diego, California), WTVT (Tampa, Florida), KFDA (Amarillo, Texas), KBCI (Boise, Idaho), KECC (El Centro, California), WBAL (Baltimore, Maryland), WJKW (Cleveland, Ohio), KRCG (Jefferson City, Missouri), KMOX (now KMOV) (St. Louis, Missouri) version and the WITI (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) version, and the WAGA (Atlanta, Georgia) version as well).

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