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J-Bics Film Co. Ltd was a home entertainment company incorporated in Bangkok, Thailand. As of 2021, it seems to be dormant.


Logo: On a brown background, we first see a close shot of a pillar, which slowly spins around. We then fade to multiple other pillars beneath a solid colored ceiling. The camera slowly pans through these pillars, which looks at a bright yellow light. A golden circle spins around and moves toward the screen, with an additional pillar appearing inside it. When it settles in the center, the background (now full of gold clouds) fades in to black. During this, the pillar in the circle turns into a "J", with the stem resembling that of a pillar. The text "J-BICS" fades in below. The logo then shines.

Variant: An alternative version exists. In this version, a line is seen below the logo. This variant can be seen here.

FX/SFX: Cheap, but effective CGI.

Music/Sounds: It begins with a few drum hits. It then transitions into a tropical-esque beat. Lastly, it then transitions into a majestical fanfare.

Availability: Seen on a few VCDs released by the company, such as a J-Bics release of Taegukgi.

Editor's Note: None.

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