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[[File:Warner Bros. Pictures (Book of Eli).png|center|320x320px]]
[[File:Warner Bros. Pictures (Book of Eli).png|center|320x320px]]
----'''Clash of the Titans (2010):'''
----'''Clash of the Titans (2010):'''

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The Adventures of Robin Hood (1938) and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex (1939):

  • The shield is apricot and is surrounded by vines and plants.

An Angel from Texas (1940):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (An Angel From Texas).jpg

The Sea Hawk (1940):
  • The background is blue and the shield is yellow.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Sea Hawk).jpg

Okay for Sound (1946):
  • The shield is white and is superimposed on the aerial view of the studio.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Okay for Sound).png

Rope (1948):
  • The logo is superimposed on a view of a street and is also unnaturally pale.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Rope).jpeg

Under Capricorn (1949):
  • The logo appears as usual, but with the word "Presents" omitted.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Under Capricorn).png

Stage Fright (1950):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Stage Fright).jpg

Last Holiday (1950):
  • The logo is in the style of the 1937 logo, with the 1950 shield in place of the 1937 one. "Presents" is also in a different font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Last Holiday).png

Captain Horatio Hornblower (1951):
  • The logo is superimposed against a background of ships.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Captain Horatio Hornblower).jpg

Abbott and Costello: Jack and the Beanstalk (1952):
  • The logo is seen in sepia tone.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Abbott and Costello).jpg

Lumberjack Rabbit (1953, Looney Tunes):
  • The shield shoots up towards us like normal, but overshoots its mark so it looks like it's crashing into the screen. It then moves back to its normal position. Originally made to be shown in 3-D. A CGI version of this variant also appears on the intro of The Looney Tunes Show.

The Moonlighter (1953):
  • The 3D shield is in grayscale, and seen on a different background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Moonlighter).jpg

So This is Love (1953):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (So This Is Love).jpg

The Silver Chalice (1954):
  • The logo is seen on a piece of stone, and the letters inside the shield are removed.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Silver Chalice).jpg

Dragnet (1954):
  • The 3D Shield is used and placed on a plain white background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Dragnet).jpg

A Star is Born (1954):
  • Similar to the Rebel Without a Cause variant, but the logo is darker.
Warner Bros. Pictures (A Star Is Born 1954).jpg

Track of the Cat (1954):
  • The 3D Shield is seen with a snowy hill background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Track of the Cat).png

The Sea Chase (1955):
  • The 3D Shield is seen on an ocean background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Sea Chase).jpg

Mister Roberts (1955):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Mister Roberts).jpg

Pete Kelly's Blues (1955):
  • The 3D Shield is seen on a railroad boxcar.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Pete Kelly's Blues).jpg

Blood Alley (1955):
  • The 3D Shield is seen on a sunset background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Blood Alley).jpg

Sincerely Yours (1955):
  • The 3D Shield is seen on a painting of the Golden Gate Bridge.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Sincerely Yours).png

Target Zero (1955):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Target Zero).jpg

The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell (1955):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Court-Martial of Billy Mitchell).jpg

Land of the Pharaons (1955):
  • The logo is made of stone and has a rectangular outline.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Land of the Pharaons).jpeg

New York Confidential (1955):
  • The logo is metallic and just like Under Capricorn, "Presents" is nowhere to be seen.

Rebel Without a Cause (1955):
  • The logo is superimposed over a shot of Los Angeles at night.
Wb rebel cause.png

Helen of Troy (1956):
  • The clouds background is darker.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Helen of Troy).jpg

The Lone Ranger (1956):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Lone Ranger, 1956).jpg

Satellite in the Sky (1956):
  • The 3D Shield is seen on a blue background and casts a shadow.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Satellite in the Sky).jpg

The Wrong Man (1956):
  • The shield, except for the banner, is outlined.
Wb wrong man.png

The Searchers (1956):
  • The shield is either on a gray or a rustic orange brick background, depending on the quality of the print (the image shown here is from the copy currently streaming on Vudu).
Wb the searchers.png

Moby Dick (1956):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Moby Dick).jpg

Seven Men from Now (1956):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Seven Men From Now).jpg

The Bad Seed (1956):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Bad Seed).jpg

The Spirit of St. Louis (1957):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Spirit of Saint Louis).jpg

The Curse of Frankenstein (1957):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Curse of Frankenstein).png

The Pajama Game (1957):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Pajama Game).png

Band of Angels (1957):
  • The logo is seen on a painting.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Band of Angels).jpg

The Abominable Snowman (1957):
  • The shield is drawn differently and is presented on a background with mountains.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Abominable Snowman).jpg

Sayonara (1957):
  • The inside of the shield is red.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Sayonara).png

Chase a Crooked Shadow (1958):
  • Same as the Last Holiday variant.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Chase A Crooked Shadow).jpg

Marjorie Morningstar (1958):
  • The logo is seen on a city sky background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Marjorie Morningstar).jpg

The Left Handed Gun (1958):
  • The film is in grayscale, and the shield is seen on a background with hills.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Left Handed Gun).jpg

Damn Yankees (1958):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Damn Yankees).webp

Girl on the Run (1958):
  • The logo looks metallic and odd.

The Old Man and the Sea (1958):
  • Same as the Sayonara variant, but it takes place on a sea background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Old Man and the Sea).jpg

Auntie Mame (1958):
  • The logo is superimposed on red leather.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Auntie Mame).jpg

The Hanging Tree (1959):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Hanging Tree).jpg

Up Periscope (1959):
  • Same as The Old Man and the Sea variant, but the shield is in its normal colors.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Up Periscope).jpg

Rio Bravo (1959):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Rio Bravo).jpg

Westbound (1959):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Westbound).jpg

The Young Philadelphians (1959):
  • The logo is white on a black background. It then morphs and shrinks to become a circle.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Young Philadelphians).png

John Paul Jones (1959):
  • The shield is in a gold/safety orange/old burgundy color scheme, and the word "Presents" is absent.
Warner Bros. Pictures (John Paul Jones).jpg

The Nun's Story (1959):
  • Uses the same shield from The Young Philadelphians on a black background. The logo zooms in as it fades in. Often plastered with a recent WB logo on some newer prints.

The FBI Story (1959):
  • The sky is darker.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The FBI Story).jpg

30 (1959):
  • Same as The Young Philadelphians variant; however, it does not morph into a circle.

A Summer Place (1959):
  • The shield is superimposed over a beach at sunset.
Warner Bros. Pictures (A Summer Place).jpg

The Tall Story (1960):
  • Same as the 30 variant, however it has inverted colors and "Presents" is in a script font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Tall Story).jpg

Hannibal (1960):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Hannibal).jpg

The Crowded Sky (1960):
  • Same as The Nun's Story, but the background is a sky background, which does not resemble the one the logo at the time had. It also does not fade in, and "Presents" is in a Serif font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Crowded Sky).jpg

The Sundowners (1960):
  • The shield is in a 1930s style and has no banner around it, superimposed over a shot of an Australian grassland.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Sundowners).png

The Sins of Rachel Cade (1961):
  • A black and white shield is seen, which morphs into the outline of Angie Dickinson's character Rachel Cade.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Sins of Rachel Cade).jpg

Fanny (1961):
  • The shield is seen with the inside transparent (the "WB" letters are not transparent)
Warner Bros. Pictures (Fanny).jpg

The Steel Claw (1961):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Steel Claw).jpg

Splendor in the Grass (1961):
  • The shield is carved onto a granite background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Splendor in the Grass).jpg

Gay Purr-ee (1962):
  • The shield is inside a blue rounded rectangle with "PRESENTS" in a red rounded rectangle, amongst other colorful rounded rectangles.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Gay Purr-ee).png

Adventures of the Road Runner (1962):
  • A bannerless shield is seen on a red-orange sign, and the words "WARNER BROS. PICTURES", in a cartoonish font, are on a bright red sign, with the word "Presents" in a red script font below.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Adventures of Road Runner).jpg

Samar (1962):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Samar).jpg

Rome Adventure (1962):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Rome Adventure).png

Lad, A Dog (1962):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lad A Dog).jpg

Merrill's Marauders (1962):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Merrill's Marauders).jpg

The Music Man (1962):
  • We see a very large array of uniformed marchers moving forward, two further in front who are carrying on either side a wide red banner with the Warner Bros. logo on it. The camera then zooms in on the banner to show the usual logo with "PRESENTS" under it.The Music Man

Gypsy (1962):
  • We start out with an orchestra on a stage. When the music starts, the outline of the shield is formed on a curtain, and then the inside afterward. The shield is gold.
Wb gypsy.png

Days of Wine and Roses (1962):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Days of Wine and Roses).jpg

Philbert (Three's a Crowd) (1963):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Philbert).jpg

Black Gold (1963):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Black Gold).jpg

Critic's Choice (1963):
  • Cartoon posters of musicals appear one by one until they make up the background. Then the white shield from The Young Philadelphians fades in.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Critics Choice).png

Spencer's Mountain (1963):
  • Like the title of the film, the shield is seen on a background with mountains.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Spencers Mountain).jpg

The Castilian (1963):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Castilian).jpg

America, America (1963):
  • Same as The Young Philadelphians variant, but "Presents" is not seen.
Warner Bros. Pictures (America America).jpg

The Man from Galveston (1963):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Man From Galveston).jpg

4 For Texas (1963):
  • The shield is styled differently, and seen inside a red dot. The words "Warner Bros." and "Pictures" appear on both sides, with the "Presents" text underneath. The text is seen in the Posse font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (4 For Texas).jpg

Kingdom of Saguenay (1963):
  • The shield's banner is metallic. Also, the shield is in the middle of the screen and the word "Presents" is removed.

My Fair Lady (1964):
  • The logo is colored shadow brown and is on a flowerbed background, with the words "Warner Bros. Pictures" and "Presents" in Edwardian Script font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (My Fair Lady).png

Dead Ringer (1964):
  • The logo is drawn differently.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Dead Ringer).jpg

The Incredible Mr. Limpet (1964):
  • The logo is seen on a light blue background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Incredible Mr Limpet).jpg

Robin and the 7 Hoods (1964):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Robin and the 7 Hoods).jpg

Cheyenne Autumn (1964):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Cheyenne Autumn).png

The Great Race (1965):
  • The bannerless WB shield is on a completely different background, with the word "PRESENTS" below in the Posse font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Great Race).jpg

The Battle of the Villa Fiorita (1965):
  • The 3D shield from the 1950s appears on a different sky background. The shield is now metallic, and looks slightly different from the previous version.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Battle of the Villa Fiorita).png

Two on a Guillotine (1965):
  • The shield is seen on a black background and in black and white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Two on a Guillotine).jpg

Battle of the Bulge (1965):
  • Same as the Two on a Guillotine variant, but in color.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Battle of the Bulge).jpg

Inside Daisy Clover (1965):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Inside Daisy Clover).jpg

Harper (1966):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harper).jpg

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off! (1966):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Stop the World I Want to Get Off).jpg

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966):
  • Same as the Two on a Guillotine variant.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf).jpg

A Fine Madness (1966):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (A Fine Madness).jpg

Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Not with My Wife, You Don't).jpg

A Covenant with Death (1967):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (A Covenant with Death).jpg

The Mikado (1967):
  • The shield is seen on a red gradient background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Mikado).jpg

Triple Cross (1967):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Triple Cross).jpg

Bonnie and Clyde (1967):
  • The shield is put on a black background and is sepia toned.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Bonnie and Clyde).jpg

The Bobo (1967):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Bobo).jpg

Wait Until Dark (1967):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Wait Until Dark).jpg

Cool Hand Luke (1967):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Cool Hand Luke).jpg

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968):
  • At the end of the IMAX re-release, a black and white WB shield is presented austerely over a black background in the form of the closing logo.

Sweet November (1968):
  • The logo is superimposed over a city skyline and has a orange-yellow gradient.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Sweet November).jpg

Countdown (1968):
  • The logo is in red and superimposed over a snow background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Countdown).jpg

Rachel, Rachel (1968):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Rachel Rachel).jpg

I Love You, Alice B. Toklas! (1968):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (I Love You, Alice B. Toklas).jpg

The Illustrated Man (1969):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Illustrated Man).jpg

The Wild Bunch (1969):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Wild Bunch).jpg

The Valley of Gwangi (1969):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Valley of Gwangi).jpg

The Great Bank Robbery (1969):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Great Bank Robbery).jpg

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth (1970):
  • The 1970 logo is placed in a yellow-green background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (When Dinosaurs Ruled The Earth).png

Once You Kiss a Stranger (1970):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Once You Kiss a Stranger).jpg

The Omega Man (1972):
  • The WB shield is superimposed over Charlton Heston driving a car. The banner reads "A KINNEY LEISURE SERVICE".
Warner Bros. Pictures (Omega Man).jpg

What's Up, Doc? (1972):
  • The logo is gold on a brown book. As we zoom out, we see a hand opening the book to the inside cover, and then to the text "Warner Bros., A Warner Communications Company Presents". At the end of the movie, the final page reads "Distributed by Warner Bros." The book is then closed to reveal the gold WB logo from the beginning.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Whats Up Doc).png

Blazing Saddles (1974):
  • After the 1972 logo plays, the 1948 WB shield appears, only for the screen to be engulfed by flames that give way to a shot of a desert with the text "A MEL BROOKS FILM", which segues into the opening credits.

Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974):
  • The 1948-1967 WB shield is seen on a cloudy background. Seen after the 1972 logo and the David Susskind credit.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Alice Doesnt Live Here Anymore).png

The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976):
  • On American Heroes Channel's prints of this movie, the current logo with the TimeWarner byline is a still picture and is in sepia.

The Late Show (1977):
  • The 1937 logo is used, but without Jack L. Warner's name or the word "Presents".
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Late Show).jpg

The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (1979):
  • At the end of the movie, a replica of the 1936-1964 Merrie Melodies cartoon intro (including red rings and a blue center) is used with the red and white WB shield and Bugs Bunny on the top of it saying "Eat your heart out, Burt Reynolds!"

The Main Event (1979):
  • The 1972 logo is on a purple background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Main Event).jpg

Time After Time (1979):
  • The 1948 WB shield zooms in on a cloudy background while the classic 1930s fanfare plays. Seen after the 1979 Orion/WB logo (which is plastered by the 1972 logo on later prints).
Warner Bros. Pictures (Time After Time).jpg

Bugs Bunny's 3rd Movie: 1001 Rabbit Tales (1982):
  • The 1972 logo plays as normal, but then the WB logo from the 1936 Merrie Melodies cartoon intro zooms in, segueing into the opening credits.
Warner Bros. Pictures (1001 Rabbit Tales).png

The Killing Fields (1984):
  • The 1984 logo starts off bylineless. Suddenly, the Warner Communications byline fades in.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Killing Fields).jpg

City Heat (1984), Under the Cherry Moon and Heartbreak Ridge (both 1986):
  • The logo is in black and white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (City Heat).jpg

The Goonies (1985):
  • The logo fades to a skull and crossbones.

Sesame Street Presents: Follow That Bird (1985):
  • Instead of the regular WB logo, the movie opens with Oscar the Grouch singing the "Grouch Anthem" in a spoof of Patton. Afterwards, we get a brief animated segment where Big Bird finds an air pump and a balloon. He inflates it and it turns out to be a "W", which pops off and flies into the sky, where it morphs into the "W" in the "WB" shield as the rest of the shield forms around it. Big Bird announces that "Sesame Street is brought to you today by the letters W and B." This logo makes a surprise appearance on the TV movie Here's Looking at You, Warner Bros., where John Williams' theme from Superman is heard.

Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment (1985):
  • The inside of the shield has a forest green tint.

Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985):
  • The "PRESENTS" variant of the 1984 logo makes a cameo in the film when Pee-wee is visiting with the hobo character and his pals when the logo appears on a screen in the background.

The Color Purple (1985):
  • The logo has a very slight maroon tint.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Color Purple).png

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer (1985):
  • The "Distributed by" variant of the 1985 print logo, tinted in rainbow, scrolls up with the credits.

One Crazy Summer (1986):
  • The logo appears as normal. Then suddenly, it turns into a crudely drawn version of the shield, with wiggling clouds. The Warner Communications byline and clouds dissipate as an evil-looking animated pink bunny, who wears a red-white striped helicopter cap (like the one seen in the movie's animated segments) and has the picture of a No Rhino sign on his body, opens the WB shield from inside. He laughs, and then we zoom into his mouth, seeing the ONE CRAZY SUMMER title zoom in toward us.

Who’s That Girl? (1987):
  • The Warner Bros. logo with byline appears as animated on a granite background. We zoom up to the logo, the shield opens like a door, and out comes a cartoon Madonna, who closes the shield and poses for the camera. The logo goes up and she moves down to make way for the opening credits.

Daffy Duck's Quackbusters (1988):
  • The 1984 logo starts with only the sky background, but then the shield zooms in as it would on Looney Tunes/Merrie Melodies, stopping at its usual place as the Warner Communications byline fades in below. A reorchestrated version of the fanfare from the Looney Tunes short You Oughta Be in Pictures, starting with a roaring sound as the shield zooms in, plays throughout. This comes directly after the Daffy Duck short Night of the Living Duck, which opens the film.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Daffy Duck's Quackbusters).png

Batman (1989):
  • The WB shield is a metallic orange, and the sky is dark blue. The Warner Communications byline is also in a different font.

Second Sight (1989):
  • The style of the WB shield and clouds typically seen on the scope aspect ratio is seen here in flat aspect ratio.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Second Sight).jpg

Lambada (1990):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lambada).png

Gremlins 2: The New Batch (1990):
  • Instead of the normal shield logo, a replica of the classic 1936-1964 WB cartoon logo is shown, with its text and minus the shield ("PICTURES, INC." is removed in favor of "A TIME WARNER COMPANY"). The shield then zooms up with Bugs Bunny riding it, and the text fades out. Daffy Duck then comes on screen, angrily pushes him off the shield ("50 years of you hogging the spotlight is ENOUGH!"), and tries to ride it... well, it doesn't work as well for him. They also have another Looney Tunes-style ending, with Porky doing the usual "That's all Folks!" ending before Daffy, like before, complains of Porky hogging (no pun intended) the spotlight, saying "60 years of hogging the end title is enough!" Daffy tries to say the end line, but like before, is stopped when the shield with Chuck Jones' credit comes out, hitting him in the face. He gets back up and weakly says "Fade out."

My Blue Heaven (1990):
  • The 1990 shield has a somewhat reddish tone to it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (My Blue Heaven).png

Warner Home Video movie intro (1990):
  • The logo begins as usual (with Max Steiner's fanfare), until Bugs Bunny interrupts and opens up the shield to tell the audience that the movie can't begin until you wish him a happy birthday. It then cuts to various Looney Tunes clips as a chorus sings "Happy Birthday to You", and then cuts back to Bugs looking rather satisfied. This appeared on an Italian VHS of Caddyshack and a UK VHS of Driving Miss Daisy.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Bugs Happy Birthday).jpg

That "Blooper" Bunny! (AKA (Blooper) Bunny) (1991):
  • Instead of the normal shield logo, a recreation of the 1936 "Bullseye" logo with orange circles, black center and the animation of Bugs riding the shield is shown, similar to the 1950s Looney Tunes bumper, but the music is abridged and high pitched version of the opening "What's Up, Doc?" music with the shield's "twanging" noise intact at the beginning. The title of the logo reads "WARNER BROS. ANIMATION INC.", and the text below the shield now reads "Presents" instead of "Present".
  • During the cartoon, at the end of the Bugs Bunny 51st and a 1/2 anniversary spectacular scene: We see a recreation of the 1950s Merrie Melodies "That's all Folks!" script closing logo, but after "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON" appears, the logo stays for a few seconds. After that, the logo quickly shakes too fast, eventually burning up. Then, it cuts to a slide that reads "Earlier that Morning..." with a rooster crowing and the sun is behind the rooster. After that comes the old universal countdown leader screen.
  • At the end of the short, a rather different ending plays instead of the usual "That's all Folks!" script logo, in which "That's all Folks!", in a different font (also turned counterclockwise), scrolls upward, followed by an outlined circle with an "X" in it appearing for a split-second.

Invasion of the Bunny Snatchers (1992):
  • A recreation of "The Bullseye" logo with orange circles, black center and "Bugs Riding the Shield". Animation and music similar to the 1940s Looney Tunes bumper, but the title of the logo reads "WARNER BROS. ANIMATION INC.," the text below the shield reads "Presents" instead of "Present", and text below reads "A WARNER BROS. CARTOON MADE IN N.Y.C. AND BURBANK." The music is the 1955-1964 orchestration of "The Merry Go Round Broke Down."
  • At the end of the short, we see a recreation of the 1943 "Porky in the Drum" logo, in which a badly animated "stereotype" version of Porky (whom, aside from also wearing pants, resembles a Terry Gilliam drawing) bursts out of the drum and tries to say his famous line in a pale voice imitation as outer-spacey sound-effects play in the background. An unamused Bugs enters from the left and kicks the fake Porky out (which crashes off screen), then grabs the real Porky and puts him in the drum where he belongs. Porky is surprised for a moment ("Oh, oops!"), then proceeds with his famous line and pose as Bugs exhaustively exits right, as the ending of the 1937-1938 "The Merry Go Round Broke Down" opening theme plays.

Batman Returns (1992):
  • Same as the original Batman, only with snow in the sky as well.

Pure Country (1992):
  • The logo fades to a sunset background where the credits take place.
Wb pure country.png

Malcolm X (1992):
  • On HD prints of this film, the logo is zoomed out further than usual, revealing more of the clouds.

Batman Forever (1995):
  • The WB shield morphs into the Batman logo.

Twister (1996, US version):
  • The shield appears from the clouds.

Mars Attacks! (1996):
  • A little flying saucer flies around the logo.
Wb mars attacks.png

Space Jam (1996, in-film):
  • The shield, superimposed in the classic Looney Tunes background, acts acts as the boundary between the real world and Tune World.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Space Jam, In-Film).jpg

Batman & Robin (1997):

  • The WB shield morphs into a frozen Batman logo.

Conspiracy Theory (1997):
  • The normal logo is shown, then the camera then pulls back to show it on a billboard on the side of a bus.
Wb theory.png

Contact (1997):
  • The shield is in a dark crystal blue color, and the sky is in dark blue.
Wb contact.png

Lethal Weapon 4 (1998):
  • The WB shield explodes, transitioning into the opening titles. The 1998 theme is also off sync. On later prints, the full standard 1999 logo plays, then jarringly cutting to the explosion with the 1998 logo still partially visible for a brief moment.

You've Got Mail (1998):
  • The logo plays normally with sounds of computers and fax machines playing over it. After the logo finishes, the background fades to a static computer wallpaper, leaving the shield with the text "WARNER BROS. PRESENTS" below it. Then it zooms out to show a computer desktop, segueing into the opening credits, and the WB logo moves to the upper-left corner. The logo also has computer sounds, which were deliberately made to sync up to the logo's animation. (If you notice, in the bottom right corner, there is an America Online icon, who Time Warner would coincidentally merge with in 2001)

Jack Frost (1998):
  • The shield and the text is covered with snow and ice. Also, the cloud background is tinted dark red.
Wb jack frost.png

The Matrix (1999), The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions (both 2003):
  • The colors have been changed to a green tint and the graphics altered so they look "computerish". For The Matrix, the byline "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" is used until February 2, 2001.

  • For The Matrix Reloaded, the byline "A TIME WARNER ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY" changed to "An AOL Time Warner Company", used until September 12, 2003.

  • For The Matrix Revolutions, the byline "An AOL Time Warner Company" has been changed to read "A Time Warner Company", which was used from November 5 to December 5, 2003.

The Big Tease (1999):
  • The logo animates as normal, but various sounds such as a hairdryer and the buzzing of a shaver play over the music.

House on Haunted Hill (1999):
  • The logo is tinted in dark gray.
Warner Bros. Pictures (House on Haunted Hill).jpg

Various Australian Videos (1999):
  • This was at the start of a commercial for the Australian theme park, Warner Bros Movie World (co-owned by Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow). The ad was designed like a movie trailer. At the start of the trailer, the shield is more golden and metallic and is placed on a more realistic cloud background. The text on the banner omits the word "PICTURES" and the byline is changed to "A WARNER VILLAGE EXPERIENCE". This ad can be found on various Warner Bros. and Roadshow Entertainment videos.

Deep Blue Sea (1999):
  • After the logo finishes, the background fades out, the shield turns into a blue version of the 1984 shield, and water effects appear over the logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Deep Blue Sea).png

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999, Non-US version):
  • Nearly the same as the Deep Blue Sea variant, but this time it is normal. Also, the logo is a bit darker.
    Screenshot 2020-06-10 at 4.30.08 PM.png

The Exorcist Director's Cut (1973, 1990s reprint):
  • The 1992 WB logo is in black and white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Exorcist Directors Cut).png

Space Cowboys (2000):
  • The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow logos aren't animated. Also, they are on a black background and in the same light blue color scheme as the first five minutes of the movie. The font in this logo is different as well.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Space Cowboys).png

Swordfish (2001):
  • The logo flickers as if it was on a malfunctioning computer screen, and the graphics are altered so it looks like it's on an old TV.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Swordfish).png

Thir13en Ghosts (2001):
  • The logo is tinted in light gray.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Thir13en Ghosts).png

Osmosis Jones (2001):
  • The logo comes up looking like an amoeba with tentacles.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Osmosis Jones).jpg

Ocean's Eleven (2001):
  • The logos for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow are tinted in baby blue.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Oceans Eleven).jpg

Valentine (2001):
  • The logos for Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow are tinted in crimson.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Valentine).png

Heist (2001) and Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (2002):
  • The 1948 shield with the AOL Time Warner byline is seen; on Heist, the old fanfare is heard.

Cats & Dogs (2001):
  • When the fanfare finishes, the logo turns dark.

Hearts in Atlantis (2001):
  • The fanfare is pitched up by a semitone, exactly as it would on a normal PAL print of a WB film. As a result, the logo is double pitched on PAL releases.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (AKA Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the U.S.) (2001):
  • The logo is slightly dimmed compared to the normal version. On the DVD menu, the logo is set on a night time cloudy background, and just the like the teaser trailer, it decomposes as owls fly by.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 1).jpeg

Blood Work (2002) and Gods & Generals (2003):
  • The 1984 logo is shown with the AOL Time Warner byline below. On the 2011 Blu-Ray release of the latter film, the last half of the 1999 fanfare plays.

Ghost Ship (2002):
  • The opening logos are tinted brown, and the typical Warner Bros. logo is instead an intentionally chintzy 1950s-style logo. Also, the AOL Time Warner byline is in the ITC Garamond font.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Ghost Ship).jpg

Juwanna Mann (2002):
  • The shield is in sepia.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (2002):
  • The shield appears high in the clouds as the camera zooms through it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 2).jpeg

Scooby-Doo (2002):
  • The logo plays as normal (albeit with a different set of clouds) until the music ends pre-maturely, when a chunk of the shield disappears as if it were bit out, and we hear Scooby-Doo do his famous laugh. Then another shield zooms out with "SD" on it instead of "WB" and the byline changed to read "A Mystery Inc. Company". The logo then fades to the moon as the movie begins.

Queen of the Damned (2002):
  • The logo is black and white and the background is a cloudy sky.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Queen of the Damned).jpg

Cradle 2 the Grave (2003):
  • The background fades to the Los Angeles skyline, leaving only the WB shield.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Cradle 2 The Grave).jpg

Dreamcatcher (2003):
  • The Warner Bros. logo is covered in snow.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Dreamcatcher).jpg

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (2003):
  • The 1999 logo with the prototype TimeWarner byline plays, but everything but the shield fades out and we see the shield zooming out on the classic Looney Tunes red rings. The title then appears on the rings. Over this variation is the classic instrumental composition of "What's Up, Doc?"
Warner Bros. Pictures (Looney Tunes Back in Action).png

Matchstick Men (2003):
  • The sky background is replaced with water. Also, the beginning of the logo is colored aqua blue, but when the shield is revealed, it returns to its normal colors.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Matchstick Men).jpg

Mystic River (2003):
  • The logo is static on a black background in black and white with no byline.

Gothika (2003, US version):
  • The logo is tinted in leyden blue.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Gothika).jpg

The Last Samurai (2003):
  • The 1999 logo plays with the prototype TimeWarner byline, but the logo is tinted in sky blue and appears over a black background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Last Samurai).png

The Polar Express (2004):
  • The logo appears static and covered in ice on a black background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Polar Express).jpg

Ocean's Twelve (2004):
  • The Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow logos aren't animated and the background is multicolored.

The Aviator (2004):
  • The 1948 logo is used with the TimeWarner byline in a gold and silverish blue color, and the clouds aren't animated.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed (2004):
  • The logo is leyden blue and put on a night sky background. Also, the logo fades to the moon and isn't animated.

Million Dollar Baby (2004):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Million Dollar Baby).png

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004):
  • The shield is metallic and the camera zooms through it, revealing Harry Potter's house behind it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 3).jpeg

Exorcist: The Beginning (2004):
  • The logo is in black and white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Exorcist Beginning).jpg

Constantine (2005):
  • After the logo finishes, the background changes to hellish orange clouds as the logo turns to stone and disintegrates, revealing the Village Roadshow Pictures logo behind it.

House of Wax (2005):
  • The logos for WB, Village Roadshow and Dark Castle are tinted chocolate brown, and the inside of the WB shield is green instead of blue.
Warner Bros. Pictures (House of Wax 2005).png

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005):
  • The WB and Village Roadshow logos are in gold and zoom out from mist.

The Island (2005):
  • A textureless WB shield appears tilted upwards as the camera zooms through it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Island).png

Corpse Bride (2005):
  • The clouds behind the WB shield are gray instead of white, and the logo isn't animated.

V for Vendetta (2005):
  • The logo is dark gray.

Batman Begins (2005):
  • The logo is in black and white, but a little brighter than normal.

L'Antidote (2005):
  • The logo turns green and we zoom down from the logo to a skyline.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (2005):
  • Same as the previous Harry Potter film, only this time the background is entirely black.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 4).jpeg

Flags of Our Fathers (2006):
  • Similar to the with the logo used on Contact, but with the TimeWarner byline and in black and white. Weirdly enough, newer TV airings of Superman: The Movie use this logo instead of the original white "\\'" logo, although DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital prints of the movie still have the old logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Flags of Our Fathers).jpg

Unaccompanied Minors (2006):
  • Just as the animation is completing, a plane ticket (which is later revealed to be for the opening credits) flies around the shield and a huge pile of snow falls on the shield, causing it to break in half. It is then ploughed out of the way to make room for the Village Roadshow Pictures logo.

Superman Returns (2006):
  • The first bits of the famous Superman theme are heard somewhere in the middle of the current logo. Also, the clouds appear pinkish, and the sky is in an aqua greenish color.

Letters from Iwo Jima (2006):
  • Same as Flags of Our Fathers, but in a lighter color.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Letters From Iwo Jima).jpg

Lady in the Water (2006):
  • The logo plays normally for a few seconds until it fades to its last few seconds. Also, it is put on a black background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lady in the Water).png

The Good German (2006):
  • Exactly just like The Late Show variant, but with "INC." omitted from the banner and "PRESENTS" replaced with the TimeWarner byline in that respective font.

Fred Claus (2007):
  • There are Christmas lights surrounding the WB shield. Also, it's snowing in the background, and the shield is hollow and frozen. This was designed by Prologue Films.

Beowulf (2007, Non-US version):
  • A 3D logo akin to the IMAX version of the 2003 logo plays.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Beowulf).png

Ocean's Thirteen (2007):
  • A combination from the previous Ocean films: The logos are light-blue colored and also animated, the background is multicolored, green and red vertical/horizontal bars, start to appear over the logos and a very nice piece of music ("The Riviera Affair" by Neil Richardson) is heard during all this. The animation was inspired by the opening titles to the 1975 television series Switch as well as WOR-TV's The Four O'Clock Movie, of which the opening music was initially utilized.

The Astronaut Farmer (2007):
  • The logo is silver and the background is a twilight sky while the logo glows.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Astronaut Farmer).jpg

300 (2007):
  • The shield is in yellow stone with brown clouds covering it and a mock version of the theme "As Time Goes By" is heard during the first six seconds. This variant was designed by yU+co.

The Brave One (2007):
  • The logo is white, transparent and appears over a skyline of a city.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Brave One).jpg

The Invasion (2007):
  • The shield is tinted in hunter green and floats away into the darkness to allow the Village Roadshow logo in. The logo's also in negative form. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Invasion).jpg

Zodiac (2007):
  • Same as Blood Work and Gods & Generals, but with the TimeWarner byline.

The Reaping (2007):
  • The shield appears in red and isn't animated; it then gets sucked offscreen in liquid form like in Constantine (albeit to the left side), revealing the Village Roadshow Pictures logo behind it. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Reaping).png

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (2007):
  • The shield is in stone and surrounded by dark clouds as the camera zooms through it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 5).jpeg

Get Smart (2008):
  • A mechanical WB logo is shown starting up, which then gives way to outer space.

RocknRolla (2008):
  • The logo appears on a brown wall, along with the Dark Castle Entertainment logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (RocknRolla).png

Speed Racer (2008):
  • Each logo is on a kaleidoscopic background created from the logo shown. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Speed Racer).png

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008):
  • The logo is made from buttons.

Gran Torino (2008):
  • Same as Flags of Our Fathers, but in gray.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Gran Torino).jpg

The Dark Knight (2008):
  • The logo is in a navy blue tint.

Warner Home Video Blu-ray Trailer (2008):
  • Superman flies by the logo. This can be seen on the Blu-ray trailer on some DVDs such as The Dark Knight.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (2009):
  • The same dark style is used, only this time there is lightning in the background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 6).jpeg

Watchmen (2009, US release):
  • The WB logo is black on a goldenrod background, with the text on the banner set in Futura.

Terminator Salvation (2009, USA):
  • The shield is gray and has been static shocked. The banner shadow is similar to the The Dark Knight trailer variation.

Orphan (2009): The shield moves differently and flashes from black and white to blue and hot magenta, like colorful invisible ink. The TimeWarner byline is also magenta. This was designed by Prologue Films.

Shorts (2009):
  • On episode 0: "The Blinkers", only the clouds move while the shield stays still. After that episode, this logo, along with the Imagenation, Media Rights Capital and Troublemaker Studios logos, plays normally.

Micmacs (2009):
  • The logo is tinted in sepia.

Sherlock Holmes (2009):
  • The shield, which is lit up like a flashlight, is a brick planted on the ground and surrounded by puddles. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Sherlock Holmes).png

Where the Wild Things Are (2009):
  • The WB shield appears still with Max's scribblings appearing all over the logo.

Whiteout (2009):
  • The shield is in gold and moves differently, then opens to aurora.

The Box (2009):
  • The logo is in black and white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Box).png

Invictus (2009), Hereafter (2010), J. Edgar (2011) and Trouble with the Curve (2012):
  • Same as Flags of Our Fathers and Gran Torino, but in black and white.

Ninja Assassin (2009):
  • The shield is metallic and moves differently.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Ninja Assassin).jpg

The Firm (2009):
  • The logo initially animates as normal, but when the shield is revealed, the logo flashes, the background turns to night and the logo becomes neon, with the letters "WB" in raspberry pink and the shield border in blue, as "Tainted Love" by Soft Cell plays.

Inception (2010):

The Book of Eli (2010):
  • The logo plays normally, but the shield (as well as the byline) shakes a little bit after a few seconds.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Book of Eli).png

Clash of the Titans (2010):
  • The logo is in 3D, exactly like on Beowulf. The 2D version has the logo in a shade of yellow-ochre.

The Losers (2010):
  • The WB logo is white and printed on a comic book. Same as Dark Castle Entertainment, Vertigo DC Comics and Weed Road Pictures. This was designed by Prologue Films and animated and edited by Giovanni Bucci.

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole (2010):
  • The logo is metallic and put upon a morning sky background as Noctus the Owl flies through it.

Splice (2010):
  • The logo is in blue and on a DNA graphic background. Plus, the banner glows. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Splice).png

Jonah Hex (2010):
  • A western-style guitar riff rendition of the fanfare is played over the normal logo.

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010):
  • The logo is dark turquoise and is lit up from a spotlight with a paw on it.

The Town (2010):
  • The logo is darker than usual and is in a shade of black & white, along with the Legendary Pictures and GK Films logos.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 (2010):
  • Still the same dark style is used, only this time the logo is slowly decaying.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 7).jpeg

Yogi Bear (2010):
  • The logo starts as normal (with the reflection of the studio inside the shield) but when the shield zooms out, it is revealed to be made entirely out of wood and it is put upon a blue sky background. This was also on the trailers and TV spots. Also, the TimeWarner byline fades in early and zooms out with the shield.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Yogi Bear).png

Sucker Punch (2011):
  • The logo is the same as on the trailer shown at San Diego Comic-Con 2010, but the shield and byline are grey and the curtain rises to reveal the Legendary Pictures logo.

Unknown (2011):
  • The logo is already formed and has a 3-D appearance, and is seen very slowly zooming in on a background of dark moving clouds.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Unknown).png

Red Riding Hood (2011):
  • The logo is colored in silver while moving through a cloudy sky background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Red Riding Hood).png

Arthur (2011):
  • The shield is a tan color, and is set on a bubbly beer background. Also, the logo fades as soon as the shield stops moving. This was designed by Prologue Films.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Arthur).png

Green Lantern (2011):
  • The animation starts in standard animation, then the shield is revealed to be in outer space, and the blue inside is replaced with green energy. The logo fades out and is followed by the DC Comics logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Green Lantern).jpeg

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011):
  • Almost the same as the Half-Blood Prince variant, but without the lightning. Also, the logo fades in from a reprise of the final scene of Part 1 that opens the film, which ends with a bright flash.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Harry Potter 8).jpeg

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas (2011):
  • The sky is darker to simulate night time, and it is snowing in the background, which then splits into the New Line Cinema logo.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011):
  • The logo is printed on a page of parchment. It and a few other pages are turned to reveal the Village Roadshow logo behind it, on another page.

The Dark Knight Rises (2012):
  • The logo is tinted in bluish-grey.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island (2012):
  • The shield is flax and the background is colored light taupe. Also seen on the trailer.

To the Arctic (2012):
  • Same as the trailer variant. The logo has snow and ice on it, and the background is more darker and snowing.
Warner Bros. Pictures (To the Arctic).jpg

Project X (2012):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Project X).jpg

Wrath of the Titans (2012):
  • The logo is etched onto a stone wall.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Wrath of the Titans).png

Measuring the World (2012, Germany):
  • The shield and byline are in beige, while the inside is green and the background is gray. It is also darker than usual.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Measuring the World variant).png

The Apparition (2012):
  • The Warner Bros, Dark Castle, and Studio Babelsberg logos are on a very deteriorated and scratched up filmstrip.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Apparition).png

Rock of Ages (2012):
  • The logo is metallic and plays over a background of moving spotlights.

Chernobyl Diaries (2012) and Her (2013): The logo is a still image.
Magic Mike (2012):
  • The 1972 "\\'" logo is used, but "A TIMEWARNER COMPANY" fades in below the logo instead of "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY".

Argo (2012):
  • Exactly the same as the Magic Mike variant, but a bit darker.

Gangster Squad (2013):
  • The 1998 logo is in a shade of black & white.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Gangster Squad).jpg

Bullet to the Head (2013):
  • The logo gets shot out by a bullet. Also, the camera zooms out along with the Dark Castle Entertainment and IM Global logos.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Bullet to the Head).png

Man of Steel (2013):
  • The logo is metallic steel and moves differently on a tunnel-like background.

Pacific Rim (2013):
  • The logo is nearly the same as the Clash of the Titans variant, but with the updated logo and a bit darker.

The Factory (2013):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Factory).png

Gravity (2013):
  • The shield is still and white on a black background, and the shield isn't in the 1948-1967 style, unlike the Flags of Our Fathers variant.

The Conjuring (2013), The Conjuring 2 (2016) and Annabelle: Creation (2017):
  • The shield is in green/grey, with its interior missing, and is set upon a night background. This was made by Filmograph.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Conjuring).png

Prisoners (2013), Jersey Boys and American Sniper (both 2014):
  • The 1998 shield and byline are grey upon a black background.

The Great Gatsby (2013):
  • The logo is in place on lined gate doors. It's also in black and white like an old film.

The LEGO Movie (2014) and The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part (2019):
  • The entire logo, including the sky background, is made of LEGO bricks. The sky flips in from black, then the clouds drop in hung on strings, then the shield is pulled up, also on a string. The shield then flips around to reveal the then-new Warner Animation Group logo.

For The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, the sky backgrounds and the entire shield logo were less brighter and the black string was replaced with white. The TimeWarner byline been replaced with the WarnerMedia byline.

Winter's Tale (2014):
  • The logo turns brown and becomes scaled like a old paper.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Winters Tale).png

300: Rise Of An Empire (2014):
  • The logo is carved in stone on a roman door. The camera zooms in and the door opens along with the Legendary logo.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014):
  • After the logo finishes playing, it distorts and glitches, just like the Village Roadshow Films and RatPac logos.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Edge of Tomorrow).png

Interstellar (2014):
  • The logo is tinted in sepia along with the Paramount Pictures, Legendary Pictures and Syncopy logos.

Jupiter Ascending (2015):
  • The shield is shiny gold with regal detailing throughout set against a twilight background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Jupiter Ascending).jpeg

Mad Max: Fury Road (2015):
  • The logo is in bloody rust red on a bloody rust background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Mad Max Fury Road).jpeg

Black Mass (2015) and Live by Night (2017):
  • The logo is metallic steel and the entire shield is not animated. Also, a light reveals the logo and the byline fades in as usual. The light then dims on the logo after a few seconds. On the latter, it has a gold tint. This was designed by Prologue Films.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. (2015):
  • The shield from The Young Philadelphians is in a red color. Also, the logo is seen drawing by itself and the TimeWarner byline fades in below. Then, a red rectangle takes it off and creates the RatPac Entertainment logo.

The Gallows (2015):
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Gallows).png

San Andreas (2015):
  • The New Line Cinema version of the logo is in green/yellow/gray and is set in a dark blackish-blue background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (San Andreas).png

Pan (2015):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Pan).jpg

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016):
  • The logo appears to be made of stone and has dim blue-green lighting, and fades in and zooms out on a black background while a leaf floats across the screen in front of it.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Batman vs Superman).png

The Nice Guys (2016):
  • Same as Magic Mike and Argo, but the logo is a little-low bright in the background.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The Nice Guys).png

Lights Out (2016):
  • The New Line Cinema version of the logo is tinted in green-yellow against a darker sky. Both logos flicker when they appear.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lights Out).png

Suicide Squad (2016):
  • The logo (alongside the DC and RatPac logos) lights up and flicker colorfully like a neon sign on a wall as it zooms in slowly.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Suicide Squad).jpg

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016):
  • Similar to the Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix variant, but the cloud background is different.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Fantastic Beasts 1).jpeg

Collateral Beauty (2016):
  • The shield and byline are in white and grey respectively and embossed on the background as they zoom out slowly alongside the preceding New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac and Overbrook logos for the opening credits.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Collateral Beauty).png

Sully (2016), The 15:17 to Paris & The Mule (both 2018) and Richard Jewell (2019):
  • The logo is metallic and appears out of darkness. It is also not animated. For The Mule and Richard Jewell, it's the same variant as Sully but the TimeWarner byline been replaced with the WarnerMedia byline.

The LEGO Batman Movie (2017):
  • Same as The Dark Knight Rises, but it is the enhanced version, and it flips to the Warner Animation Group logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lego Batman).jpeg

The LEGO Batman Movie and The LEGO Ninjago Movie (both 2017, Closing):
Kong: Skull Island (2017):
  • Over a cloudy sky, a metallic version of the WB shield is shown with a black TimeWarner byline. The camera is zooming towards them. Gunshots are heard, and the camera rushes past it as the shield leans back, going into the following Legendary Entertainment and Tencent Pictures logo variations. This combo was done by yU+co.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Kong Skull Island).jpeg

Fist Fight (2017):
  • The shield and banner are blue and white with a line above the TimeWarner byline as it zooms in slowly. This and the following logos (New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow Pictures, RatPac and 21 Laps) are in the same format as well.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Fist Fight).png

Dunkirk (2017):
  • The logo is tinted in cyan. When the byline fades in, the background fades to black.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Dunkirk).jpeg

The House (2017):
  • The logo lights up as a sign on a black background, with the colors of the logo different and the byline in green. This and the following logos (New Line Cinema, Village Roadshow, Good Universe and Gary Sanchez) are accompanied by the song "My House" by Flo Rida.
Warner Bros. Pictures (The House).jpeg

King Arthur: Legend of the Sword (2017):
  • TBA
Warner Bros. Pictures (King Arthur).png

It (2017):
  • The logo is on a projector-like effect and the shield is sepia toned.
Warner Bros. Pictures (It).jpeg

The LEGO Ninjago Movie (2017):
  • The logo animates in the style of 1950s-1970s Chinese film studio logos.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Lego Ninjago).jpeg

Blade Runner 2049 (2017; US Release):
  • The studio backlot is slightly different, as the logo is grayscale. During the rotation, the WB shield on the backlot lights up. As the shield turns, it takes place in a different moving sky backdrop. But, the logo then glitches as the rest of the logo takes place in the lighted up background with the byline already there. The logo then glitches out.

In the prototype version, the logo is in a red color, with the inside of the shield being static, and the TimeWarner byline fades in letter-by-letter. After it finishes, the logo turns off, leaving only part of the shield visible.

Game Night (2018):
  • The logo represents a game pawn falling from the sky typically used in a board game with the TimeWarner byline etched in on the piece. It has a similar background to Suicide Squad's variant and other pieces from board games fall in the background: Sorry, Monopoly, Scrabble, etc.
Wb gamenight.png

Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver (2018, Germany):
  • The logo has been recreated and the studio lot is replaced with a hill with a castle and a house on it.

Ready Player One (2018):
  • The logo is sped up.

Rampage (2018):
  • The Warner Bros. logo is shaded brick orange and breaks apart into video-game pixelated debris (as in the Rampage video games) before it reforms into the New Line Cinema logo.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Rampage).jpeg

The Meg (2018):
  • Similar variant as in Matchstick Men, but the shield is aqua blue the whole time. Also, the sea background is darker and the WarnerMedia byline is seen below the logo.
  • On the Chinese release, the TimeWarner byline replaces the WarnerMedia byline.

Smallfoot (2018):
  • The logo is enhanced and animates at a faster rate. Once complete, the logo's background turns into a windy snowstorm and the shield freezes solid. The shield then shatters outward to reveal the Warner Animation Group shield, which dissolves into snow a few seconds later.

The Nun (2018), The Curse of La Llorona and Annabelle Comes Home (both 2019):
  • Same as the other Conjuring movies, but with the WARNERMEDIA byline instead, and the shield is a lighter color. Also, the sky appears first, followed by the shield.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle (2018):
  • TBA.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Mowgli Legend of the Jungle).png

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (2018):
  • The logo is put on a black background, zooming in. Also, the shield is tinted gold.

Aquaman (2018):
  • The logo starts off aqua blue and when it zooms out, the logo is aqua blue underwater and part of it is wedged in a rock. The byline is also aqua blue and has an ocean ripple effect. The camera zooms past the logo and transitions to the DC logo.

Shazam! (2019):
  • The shield is red gradient colored and also flies in with the WarnerMedia byline from the bottom.

Godzilla: Kong of the Monsters (2019):
  • The shield is on an Egyptian-like artwork and is made of stone.

Shaft (2019):
  • The print logo is on a film projector reel, and slowly zooms in. A few seconds later, the WarnerMedia byline fades in. The music is "Love Over and Love Again" by Switch.
Warner Bros. Pictures (Shaft).jpeg

The Kitchen (2019):
  • The 1970 Kinney Shield logo animates a la the 1972 "\\'" logo. Also, when the logo finishes animating, the WarnerMedia byline fades in on the box part of the logo and the word "presents" fades in below the Kinney Shield logo.

It: Chapter Two (2019):
  • The logo is grungy and on a black background while the Deadlights float around. Just like the regular version for New Line Cinema, this is made by Picturemill.

Joker (2019):
  • A recreation of the 1972 \\' logo is used. However, at the start of the logo, the word "WARNER BROS." is removed from the red \\' portion of the logo. Afterwards, when the white \\' finishes zooming in on a red background, the word "WARNER BROS. PICTURES" in the Handel Gothic font fades in below the \\' logo instead of "A WARNER COMMUNICATIONS COMPANY". Afterwards, the WarnerMedia byline (in its usual font) fades in below "WARNER BROS. PICTURES".

Doctor Sleep (2019):
  • The 1984-2001 logo is used with the byline "A WARNERMEDIA Company" below.

Western Stars (2019):
  • The 1948 shield logo is seen on a black background with the byline "A WarnerMedia Company" in script font below.

Tenet (2020):
  • The movie itself was the first one to use the 2020 logo with the 2019 WB shield and the WarnerMedia byline. The logo is tinted in red.

Jim Button and the Wild 13 (2020, Germany):
  • Same as the previous film, but the picture is different, the shield is silver and put upon a dark sky background. Also the TimeWarner byline is replaced with a WarnerMedia byline.

Wonder Woman 1984 (2020):
  • Various silver lines form the 2019 WB shield on a black background, and the 2019 WarnerMedia byline fades in below. Also, the logo is static shocked and has a static transition effect into the DC logo with the same variation.

The Little Things (2021):
  • The logo's duration is slightly shorter and starts fading out when the WarnerMedia byline fades in.

Judas and the Black Messiah (2021):
  • Opening: A still variant of the finished 2020 logo is used.
  • Closing: The closing variant of the 2021 logo is in a shade of sepia.

Tom & Jerry (2021):
  • This was the first film to have the 2021 WB logo in the Warner Animation Group logo. The logo flips around to reveal the new Warner Animation Group logo, before panning down into New York for the opening credits. Also, the logo has slightly more cream-colored, morning sky-style clouds. The music is "Can I Kick It?" by A Tribe Called Quest.

Zack Snyder's Justice League (2021; Original and Justice is Grey):
  • The logo's colors are saturated or black and white, depending on the version, and the entire logo is in 4:3 (as with the rest of the film to fit with director Zack Snyder's original vision)

Godzilla vs. Kong (2021):
  • This was the final film to have the 1998 WB shield. The logo is made out of wood, is on different wall (to represent Kong) and animates differently, and the 2019 WarnerMedia byline appears late.

Mortal Kombat (2021):
  • This was the first film to have the 2021 WB logo in the New Line Cinema logo. The logo is silver, and appears with fire burning beneath it. This is a reference to one of the characters in the film, Scorpion. Just like the regular version, this was made by Devastudios.

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It (2021):
  • Much like the previous films in The Conjuring series, the logo has a dark-green tint set in a night sky; the visual effects and lens flare in the standard logo are left intact.

In the Heights (2021):
  • After the shield settles into place, the logo transitions to a graffiti drawing of the shield on a red brick wall. Also, the logo appears darker than usual at the beginning.

No Sudden Move (2021):
  • The 1953 logo is used with the 2019 WarnerMedia byline.

The Suicide Squad (2021):
  • The studio lot is 70s styled (with the shield being CGI on the water tower, oddly enough) and an Osprey flies by. The shield is colored yellow and red and is on a concrete wall. The music is "Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash, which was performed live at the Folsom State Prison on January 13, 1968.

Reminiscence (2021):
  • The logo starts off blurry and gains focus as the studio lot is panning around. Once the logo completes, we blur back in again to the opening sequence.

Malignant (2021):
  • The 2021 New Line Cinema version of the logo has a videotape feel to it and glitches throughout. This was made by Filmograph.

Cry Macho (2021):
  • The 2021 logo is in black and white; the studio lot part is cut and the background is black, although the reflection of the studio lot and clouds can still be seen on the shield animation. Also used at the end of the film and on the trailer.

The Many Saints of Newark (2021):
  • The 2021 New Line Cinema version of the logo has a slight gray tint to it.

Dune (2021):
  • Before the 2021 logo is shown, a phrase in an alien language is heard as a caption with the English translation, "Dreams are messages from the deep." appears on a black background.
  • The 2021 logo then cuts in (similar to the no fade in effect from the Devastudios website), animating like normal. At the end of the logo, the background fades to black, similar to the 2020 logo, then the shield and byline follow suit a second later.

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience (2021, Tech Demo) and The Matrix: Resurrections (2021):
  • In The Matrix Awakens, similar to Cry Macho, the studio lot is removed leaving a black background (the studio lot is still on the reflection again), but the sky background is there. Just like the Matrix variants, the colors have been changed to a green tint and the graphics altered so they look "computerish". Also, the matrix code can be seen raining down on the WB part. In The Matrix: Resurrections, the studio lot (in its original colors with the lens flare effect) was added, with the matrix code (falling down in white) being shown on the shield's reflection material just as the sun is shown again.

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