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roz1497, nihirichan and BaldiBasicsFan

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Nicknames: "Moonman/Mac Tonight's Lost Korean Cousin", "The Smiling Moon", "The 7 Up Theft", "7 Up in South Korea", "The Kid in a Cheesy Logo"

Logo: In a starfield, some stars shape a crescent moon with a smile, showing that said moon is glittery, while a group of bubbles come from the right of the screen. The camera later pans away from the moon. We then fade to a golden ring with leaves underneath, as a woman in a white dress comes from inside the ring. Then, a cartoon image of a boy on a green background with a smile, red hat, and thick eyebrows appears inside the golden ring. One Hangul text, which is in white, is shown above the ring, while orange Hangul text rises a bit from the extreme bottom.

FX/SFX: A combination of live-action models with 2D computer animation.

Music/Sounds: A 3-note majestic fanfare (possibly stock, since it was used for a few other Korean logos)

Availability: Extremely rare. Likely seen on Korean tapes of children's content.

Editor's Note: While it may seem like a decent effort, the scenes with the moon and ring are actually stolen from a 1975 7-Up commercial entitled "Uncola". Some think the boy at the end looks cute, though.

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