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Logo descriptions by Minecraft_Logan, and Edc4

1st logo (Late 2000s)

Nickelodeon Japan (Digital) (2009) Logo: The 2008 Nickelodeon Productions logo plays out, and finishes. It stays this way until it cuts out. A copyright date is underneath during all of this.

Trivia: This logo was originally found on a Japanese source. It's unknown if the logo was used in other countries.

FX/SFX: The Splat animation.

Music/Sounds: A splattering sound, then a group of kids say "Nickelodeon".

Availability: Unknown. It was first spotted on a Rugrats clip, most likely taken from Nickelodeon Japan's website for Rugrats.

2nd logo (2012?-)

Logo: There are different variants, and they all take place on a white background:

  • The I from the 2009-date nickelodeon logo looks around, then faces the camera again. He looks down and the other letters pop up. This was shortened in 2013. The longer one is only used on DVDs.
  • We zoom out from an orange background, as the nickelodeon letters pop up one at a time.
  • The letters waddle in, except the last n. The I looks to the right and then the n waddles in. After this, the I continues facing the screen.
  • The two n's fly in, and get stuck together like a magnet. It vibrates for a bit and then they separate, revealing "ickelodeo" in between. The letters fall.
  • The letters in "nick" wonder to the center of the screen. The I looks up and the letters jump to the side, avoiding getting squished by the rest of the word.

FX/SFX: CGI animation that looks better than its TV counterpart.

Music/Sounds: A short ditty that varies, followed by different instruments playing the Nickelodeon tune. Sometimes, corresponding sounds are heard. Early on the first variant, it used the TV theme.

Availability: Seen on digital (iTunes, Google Play, and many more) and DVD releases of Nickelodeon shows.

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