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(September 1992-February 5, 2006; 2015- )

Nicknames: "Whoopi Drawing", "Creepi Goldberg"

Logo: We see a black-and-white caricature of Whoopi Goldberg inside a CGI black marble frame. Not much is drawn of her except her head/face, a curved line going downwards from the back of her neck (which is apparently supposed to signify her shoulder) and her hand, which is holding a pair of sunglasses; one of the arms is in Whoopi's mouth. In the bottom left-hand corner of the caricature, we see the artist's signature. In the bottom right-hand corner, we see "One Ho Productions, Inc." set in Revue, aligned like this:


Very often there is also copyright information chyroned right under it.

Trivia: The Whoopi Goldberg caricature is by Broadway caricature artist Al Hirschfeld (Hirschfeld's signature is on the bottom-left of the picture).

Variant: From 1992-93 and starting again in 2015, the logo is now in widescreen and in HD, has the words "ONE HOE" instead of "ONE HO", and the words and copyright notice, which now says "(copyright symbol) 1992" with "ALL RIGHTS RESERVED" below it, which are both in Revue, slides up, the 1992-93 version used "One Ho".

FX/SFX: None. The words sliding up on the 1992-93 and 2015 variant.

Music/Sounds: A 5-note hip hop-style beat starting in 1999. The Whoopi Goldberg Show had the end theme play over. On early season 1 episodes of Hollywood Squares, this logo was silent. The TV movie Call Me Claus just features the last 4 notes of the jingle and NBC airings of Whoopi use the networks generic music.

Availability: Rare.

  • This can be seen on episodes of Hollywood Squares from 1998-2002, when last seen on GSN and on Strong Medicine.
  • It also appeared on NBC's short-lived sitcom Whoopi.
  • This first appeared on her 1992-93 syndicated talk show, The Whoopi Goldberg Show.
  • This was also seen on the TV movie Call Me Claus.
  • The logo has currently been revived on According to Alex and Strut.

Editor's Note: The caricature in this logo has been known to creep out some, but those familiar with Al Hirschfeld's work shouldn't be worried.

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