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1st Logo (prototype) (May 5, 1980 - August 1st, 1981)

The Music Channel 1980.svg

Logo: The black letters "MTV" with lines connecting each letter together. The line connecting the letters "M" and "T" ends with a white glove-clad hand holding an eighth note symbol. Underneath is the text "THE MUSIC CHANNEL" in Eras font, also in black.

2nd Logo (August 1st, 1981 - May 30th, 1994)

Logo: A large, block-like "M" (think of Gill Sans) with the word "TV" overlapping the right side in a graffiti-esque style, with the text "MUSIC TELEVISION" below in an unidentified sans serif font somewhat similar to Helvetica Black. Occasionally, the text is set in Helvetica Medium.

Trivia: This logo was designed by Pat Gorman, Frank Olinsky and Patti Rogoff at Manhattan Design under the guidance of Fred Seibert, who, along with his partner Alan Goodman, later went on to develop the logo for MTV's future sister network Nickelodeon.

Note: In its early years of usage, a trademark ("TM") symbol was used instead of a registered trademark ("®") symbol.

3rd Logo (May 30th, 1994 - June 12th, 2000)

Logo: Same as before, but the main design has been cleaned and tightened up slightly, and the "MUSIC TELEVISION" text is now set in Helvetica Black.

4th Logo (June 12th, 2000 - February 8th, 2010)

Logo: Same as before, but the outline of the "TV" text has been removed in the space connecting the "M" to its sides.


  • An alternate version of this logo exists, with the main design simplified and the "MUSIC TELEVISION" text in Helvetica Medium. This version would later form the basis of the 2010 logo.

Note: Although this was initially used as an alternate version of the 1994 logo, it officially replaced it as the main logo on June 12, 2000.

5th Logo (February 8th, 2010 - present)

Logo: Same as the last logo, but the "MUSIC TELEVISION" text has been removed and the logo itself has been cropped and slightly modified.

Trivia: This is essentially a cropped version of the alternate 2000 logo.

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