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Nicholas Aczel and Sean Beard

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RKO General operated a home video division in the early 1980s, releasing primarily the RKO Pictures library. On December 10, 1987, RKO dismantled its video division after Ted Turner acquired distribution rights to the library. Several RKO videos were later reprinted by Turner Home Entertainment, with some released with RKO's original packaging.


RKO Home Video (1981-1987)

Nicknames: "The Thunderbolt", "Thunderbolt of Boredom"

Logo: On a black background, the 1983-1992 RKO Pictures/Television logo is seen still, but with "HOMEVIDEO" instead on the right with a slightly larger "V".

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Very rare. Videos have been long out of print, with most titles being re-released on Turner Home Entertainment/Warner Home Video. One of the few ways to find this logo is on "Double Feature" releases put out by the company at the time.

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