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Shoe Ink was founded in 2017 by Jorge Cham's young daughter, Elinor Cham. So far, it is currently known for the PBS Kids series Elinor Wonders Why (rarely known as Science in Several Ways in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland). When the Cham family went to Pipeline Studios to help work on "Elinor Wonders Why", Elinor reported the company to the staff and said it will be okay to produce a show like this, and even mentioned that "Elinor Wonders Why" is actually "animated in shoe ink", which the company came from in the first place. It is then acquired by Boat Rocker Media prior to the show's debut on PBS Kids.

(July 13, 2020, September 7, 2020-)

Nicknames: "Elinor's Logo", "We Need More Observa--- Is That A Logo?", "A Logo That Looks Soooo Interesting", "SHOE Ink", "Pipeline Studios Logo and Grape Jelly Drawing", "Bombing PBS Again", "Ask Questions About Nature, Then See a Logo"

Logo: Sitting next to the Temple Street Productions logo in the Elinor Wonders Why credits, we see a purple shoe print that is painted as a splat with the words "SHOE Ink" next to it. Then, the two logos disappear and the PBS Kids logo appears in place.

Variant: In 2020 from July 13 to November 23, there was a Pipeline Studios logo next to it.

Trivia: The logo is drawn and developed by Elinor Cham.

FX/SFX: None.

Music/Sounds: The final notes of the instrumental version of the EliWhy theme song, which is actually the closing theme.

Availability: Only seen on Elinor Wonders Why (also known as Science in Several Ways in some countries) on PBS in the US and CBC Kids in Canada, as well as on CBeebies in the UK, Discovery Kids in Latin America and Nick Jr. in Pakistan. It is yet to appear on Questionair Saralin, the Iberian version of Elinor Wonders Why on Canal Panda.

Editor's Note: None.

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