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posted 161 days ago

I would to see a CLG style wiki on PC and Internet logos? Maybe there could be a spinoff wiki like that someday soon?

posted 226 days ago

Hey there. It has been a while but I got some very quite and rare finds from other people. A second Ismail Production logo, and the 3rd Screen Gems logo in color. I captured the image for the Screen Gems logo, though Pepsi did upload the logo to YouTube.

Can you please make these logos featured? Can you please make the logos featured?

posted 228 days ago

I guess you could use a VPN to get Hulu.

posted 229 days ago

Have you seen the Animaniacs reboot yet?

posted 283 days ago

HB1290, did you make the "Image For Profile" template because you have images on your page? Not trying to be mean. Just asking.

posted 319 days ago

Yeah, Stephen told me that I will never be an administrator again.

posted 336 days ago

No problem for the fix. There might be other pages that have factors too, but I might dig into that.

posted 351 days ago

Good job on becoming an admin, man!

posted 405 days ago

Could you make the blocked template?

posted 431 days ago

What does this variant of the Cannon logo represent? tumblr_ndmywvbM7E1qa934fo1_1280.png

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