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posted 73 days ago

I am very sorry I tried to report you based on one forum post. Please forgive me.

posted 229 days ago

It's okay. Next time, just make a discussion.

posted 251 days ago

I know. You'll remember as soon as possible.

posted 264 days ago

Wow, you actually helped me for once. You added the images that I uploaded to a page. Thanks for helping me out!

posted 266 days ago

Yes, I know, but some of those nicknames are actually good.

posted 283 days ago

Yes, but, next time, instead of undoing edits, remove any fake info, while keeping the nicknames. I had to restore some of them.

posted 284 days ago

DAVEHUGE's nicknames for the 20th Century Studios / 20th Century Fox logos are good. Why did you remove them?

posted 302 days ago

Yes, I already saw that. Thanks.

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