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#REDIRECT [[TeenNick Originals]]
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On April 1, 2002, Noggin launched a block aimed at tweens and teens called The N, standing for "The Noggin." Some of the channel's older original shows (''A Walk in Your Shoes'', ''Sponk!'') shifted their timeslots to air on The N. All of The N's shows continued to be produced by the same team as the rest of Noggin. On December 31, 2007 at 6:00 AM Eastern Time, The N was spun off into its own short-lived 24-hour channel, replacing Nickelodeon GAS (or "Nick GAS"). On February 24, 2009, it was announced that Noggin and The N would be phased out in September 2009. Noggin was eventually revived as a streaming app in 2015, but The N's name has not yet returned. The N network would rebrand into [[TeenNick Originals|TeenNick]] on September 28, 2009.
===1st Logo (April 1, 2002-October 4, 2007)===
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|The N Originals 1.jpg|
|The N Originals 2.jpg|
|The N Originals 3.png|
|The N Originals 4.jpg|
|The N Originals 5.png|
|The N Originals 6.jpg|
|The N Originals 8.png|
'''Logo''': There are many variants, but they basically involve The N's "hand" logo and the word "original" in a squarish font. Here is a (short) list of variants:
* Box: White lines over a turquoise BG (meant to resemble a box) move around, as The N's logo of the time and "original" appear, at first revolving but settling in the back (the lines move for less than a second more), and when the lines stop, various images appear on the other sides of the box, settling on a Utah-like setting at the top, with the clouds in the sky moving rapidly via time-lapse.
* Fish: We see a close up of fish swimming. Two boxes appear, one having the "hand" logo, and another having "original" in it.
* Picket Fence: A white picket fence with The N's logo and "ORIGINAL" (in orange) on it appears in front of a blue sky. Various curvy patterns come from the logo and the text.
* Plate: A plate with The N's "hand" logo in red on it falls onto a table. "ORIGINAL" is also on the plate.
* Car Freshener: We zoom up to a gray "pine tree" car freshener. The network's logo forms on the air freshener, and a yellow box with "original" in it forms below.
* Jeans: TBA.
* Green: TBA.
* Blue Ribbon: TBA.
'''FX/SFX''': TBA.
'''Music/Sounds''': It varies based on the variant.
'''Availability''': Rare, but is sometimes preserved. The first two variants can be seen on older ''Degrassi'' episodes (which can be found on DVD and online due to the show's popularity), and the Plate variation appeared on ''The Best Years'' and ''Degrassi 101'' marathons. The "Box" version was seen on post-2002 episodes of ''A Walk in Your Shoes''. The "Car Freshener" variant was preserved for a long time on airings of ''Degrassi of the Dead'' but said special hasn't been on TV in years. The "Green" variant can be found on the 1st season of ''Degrassi Minis'' and the "Jeans" variant can be found on the 2nd season of said show (including ''Degrassi of the Dead'' special) on The N's website. Current prints of ''Degrassi'' episodes from the era replace this with the [[TeenNick Originals]] logo, the 2009 [[Nickelodeon Productions]] logo, or delete the entire logo entirely. This was used on ''Beyond the Break'' as well, but when TeenNick re-ran the series in 2012, the show's credits were replaced with the split-screen credits used at the time and as a consequence, the Nickelodeon Productions logo was plastered over this one.
'''Editor's Note:''' None.
===2nd Logo (October 5, 2007-September 28, 2009)===
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|The N Originals 7.jpg|
'''Logo''': On a gray background, two "n" figures (like in the network logo) draw themselves, one at the bottom left and one at the top. A silhouette of the network logo pops out at the center (without the text in it). Everything except the network logo silhouette disappears, which turns into the network logo as the text "original" writes itself below. Viacom-related copyright information appears below when the animation is finished.
'''FX/SFX''': The logo writing.
'''Music/Sounds''': A techno jingle.
'''Availability''': Rare, appeared on ''About A Girl'' and seasons 3-4 of ''Degrassi Minis'' on The N. When ''Degrassi: The Next Generation'' was on local syndication, the logo was deleted. However, it's saved on DVD releases. Also appeared on ''Degrassi Goes Hollywood'' and ''Instant Star''. This logo was retired as of 2009.
'''Editor's Note''': None.
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