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'''FX/SFX:''' Live-action.
'''FX/SFX:''' Live-action.
'''Music/Sounds:''' None or the closing theme.
'''Music/Sounds:''' A kid saying "Mmm...", silence or the closing theme.
'''Availability:''' Seen on ''Teachers'' (the now-extinct 2006 version), ''Worst Week'', ''Mad Love'' and ''Alex, Inc.''
'''Availability:''' Seen on ''Teachers'' (the now-extinct 2006 version), ''Worst Week'', ''Mad Love'' and ''Alex, Inc.''

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Logo captures by
SuperMax124 and TheRealMarcel2000

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Pepsi9072 and LogicSmash


This is the production company of Matt Tarses. His late sister Jamie Tarses, also owned a production company FanFare Productions, although it was later announced in January 2022 that said company would carry on by being run by Tarses' executive McCrae Dunlap (who had previously steered the company while Tarses was hospitalized and following her death) with Kapital Entertainment and the support of Tarses’ family taking stake.

(March 28, 2006-May 16, 2018)

Logo: At the dining table (with the kitchen counter behind it), there is a boy and a girl, both at a young age, looking at the camera as they eat bowls of soup. The girl eats the soup while the boy waves his right arm. On the top and on the bottom of the screen respectively, there are the words "Two Soups" and "Productions", in the Solis font.

Trivia: The kids in the video in the logo are likely Matt and Jamie Tarses at a young age, shot from an old memory on film.


  • On Worst Week, the logo (which is replaced by a different photograph of the same two kids on some episodes) is seen at the top while the Hat Trick Productions logo is seen at the bottom.
  • On Alex, Inc., the logo is next to the Davis Entertainment logo and freezes at the end.

FX/SFX: Live-action.

Music/Sounds: A kid saying "Mmm...", silence or the closing theme.

Availability: Seen on Teachers (the now-extinct 2006 version), Worst Week, Mad Love and Alex, Inc.

Editor's Note: This is a cute logo.

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