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G'Day Everyone! My name is TechBlits (Real Name: Carter)

I am an Australian Logo Curator, Film Buff and VHS Collector. I've been in the Logo Community since 2016.

Some of favourite logos are:

  • Valmorgan (2019-)
  • Buena Vista International Television (2006-2007)

YouTube History

On October 5th 2009, the channel 'DustyDane' was created. No videos were made until 2014 when I made a video of the Blu-Ray opening to Planes: Fire and Rescue. It was actually a Bandicam recording of somebody elses video. The video had gained 200 views before it got deleted. It was the only video i made in 2014, no videos were produced in 2015.

In 2016, I joined the Logo Community for the first time. Since i was a logo enthusiast, i also wanted to create my own Logo Evolution type series on YouTube. A now retired logo enthusiast called ‘Redlion517’ used to make Logo Evolution videos. Using Windows Movie Maker, getting the information on this website and mostly getting the logos off YouTube. During this time, I was only 9 years old but decided to start making Logo Evolution videos. Back then, I had no clue what the CLG Wiki was or how to download videos off a website or an app. The first company I did was Google, it was uploaded on January 28th 2016. The video was a simple run-down of the logo of Google with a bit of text and some techno music in the background. At the time of the release, the channel was called ‘DustyDane’, this name lasted until when I was brainstorming ideas for a name on ROBLOX. Many names came and went until I landed on 'TechBlitz' it first appeard on Part 2 of the THX Logo Evolution.

A few months after the 'TechBlitz' name had formed, it was changed again, replacing the 'z' at the end to an 's'. Although the actual 'TechBlitz' name stuck around until 2018.

At the start of 2017, I took a hiatus on my series as I began to lose interest in logo content as I made over 30 episode of the series and most of them were rushed beyond relief. On New Years Eve 2016, during the ending of the THQ Logo Evolution, it revealed the 20th Century Fox (Now 20th Century Studios) Logo Marathon, which consisted of the film division, television division, video-game division and home entertainment division. Some other companies were also suggested like DiC, FHE, Cinar, TriStar, Aardman and BFDI. The Thames Logo Evolution was also deleted around this time and it has never resurfaced since.

Many failed attempts to bring the series back came out, like Roadshow Films, 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and Nickelodeon Movies. The Nick Movies one was nearly 20 Minutes in when I just stopped working on it, 1 Month after I had uploaded a sneak peek of the videos intro. During the hiatus, only about 20 videos were produced during that time, with none of them having to do with logos. One of the videos during this hiatus that was uploaded was simply called "Coca-Cola". Other videos that were posted around late 2019 were VHS Openings and Logo Finds.

However, during Christmas Eve, I had a rebrand. And in January 2020, the first episode of the new Logo Evolution series (Now called Classic Logo Evolution) was uploaded to YouTube, the Prototype logo had the colors Red, Green and Blue. The RGB colors are also used in the 2020 symbols.

In February 2020, the 2nd Episode of CLE was released, it was of the Australian company Valmorgan. During this time, I was getting attracted by other people like Jay Productions and Alden Moeller Inc hoping I was going to be part of their company. On March 18th 2020, I became a division of Alden Moeller Inc. This only lasted a whole day, and on March 19th 2020, I became a division of Jay Productions.

During the end of March, Alden and Jay merged to make AldenJay. However on March 4th 2020, Alden was accused for drama in the Logo Community and AldenJay in general, it closed a few days after the drama occurred.

On August 27th 2020, Nancer, New Metropolitan and Jay Productions merged. I became a subsidiary of NancerMetroJP. However, in October, NancerMetroJP fell apart due to drama. I am a subsidiary of Jay Corporation again.

Featured logo finds

1st Featured Finds: Disney DVD

All of these finds were from specific Baby Einstein DVDs that i found on the Internet Archive, like Baby Mozart.

2nd Featured Finds: Pixar Animation Studios