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G'Day Everyone! My name is TechBlits (Real Name: Carter)

I am an Australian Logo Curator, Film Buff and VHS Collector. I've been in the Logo Community since 2016. Feel free to talk to me at my social page.

Favourite Logos

  • Valmorgan (2019-)
  • Buena Vista International Television (2006-2007)

Featured logo finds


Where?: One of my friends showed me this on Discord. This blue arrangement of the daisy only had the G of Gaumont, and was seen on the 1908 film Le Tic.

Where?: Again, i've been shown this on Discord, this is on a film called La femme doit suivre son mari, which featured a blue version of the classic daisy print.

Other logo finds

Disney DVD

Where?: All of these finds were from specific Baby Einstein DVDs that i found on the Archive, like Baby Mozart. As for other DVDs, the Mandarin variant can be seen easily on the region 1 special edition DVD of Mulan and the region 3 DVD of Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, i don't know any else that has this. The Korean variant i also found on Archive, the person who uploaded it listed that they found it on the DVD of Home on the Range, it could be the Region 3 DVD, because the normal American release only has French for an alternate language. The Greek version i found on Language Nursery, the Czech variant was also on the same disc. The exteremely rare Icelandic and Thai variants were seen on Baby Mozart, i was very surprised to find those two, the Thai one particularly.

Pixar Animation Studios

1st Logo

Where?: The first 3 photos were found off the Christmas Videos seen on the Made in Point Richmond DVD.

  1. Just the 1986-1990 Pixar symbol on a black background
  2. A bigger version of the symbol with text over it.
  3. The same symbol but on a grey/white gradient.

The last 2 pictures were seen on the 1990 sales pitch for Pixar.

  1. Tinny from Tin Toy can be seen on the right side on a white background, with the Pixar print logo on the top-left hand side and a copyright stamp on the bottom-left hand side.
  2. On a black background, the Pixar print logo, address and phone number can be seen.

2nd Logo

Where?: This special logo to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Pixar Animation Studios was only seen in theatrical prints of Cars 2. Sadly, this never resurfaced on home media, the only way to find it nowadays is through low quality camera rips on the film, most of the time with russian or french text below the english text.

Gaumont British:

3rd Logo

Where?: So i magically found these 2 Gaumont British logos from a 1940s film called High Flyers (Excerpts from the feature film production Flying High, not the 1980s film).

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