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About me

Just a logo enthusiast with autism and ADHD. Have been interested in logos since early 2007 (when I was only five!). Recently returned to the logo club after a four-year period of absence.

Favourite Logos

TCFTV ("20th Television Fox"), CPT (all logo versions), Universal Television (1986 "Globe of Doom", "2000s Globe" and October 2011 "Sunburst Globe" logos), Embassy Television/Communications, CTT ("Boxes of Boredom"), Paramount Television (original incarnation; "Blue Mountain" and "Star Wars Mountain" logos), Cinar (1992 logo), CTW (1983 "Sparks of Doom"), Lorimar Productions ("Line of Doom"), Screen Gems Television ("S from Hell"), Colex Enterprises, MGM Television (1973), and ABC Video (1990)

Least Favourite Logos

20th Television (all variants), SPT (all variants), CBSTD, Cookie Jar, Hanna-Barbera ("All-Stars"), WBTV (2003), NBCUTD (2011), Sesame Workshop (2000 and 2018 logos), Nelvana (2004)

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