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Vue Entertainment (otherwise known as Vue Cinemas, and stylised as vue), formerly SBC International Cinemas, is a cinema company operating in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland. The company was formed in May 2003 by the acquisition of Warner Village Cinemas by SBC and the subsequent rebranding of the business as Vue. As of 2019 the company has 91 cinemas in the UK, making it the third largest cinema chain in the country, with 869 screens. The company's flagship site is Vue West End, the former Warner Village cinema in Leicester Square.

1st Logo (2003-2010s)

Nicknames: "Enjoy the Vue", "The Vue Rectangle", "The Rectangle of the World", The Rectangle"

Logo: We start with a bird's eye-view of a city before the camera moves upward to reveal a rectangle. Then, we see the same rectangle, only this time, we see 2 people and a canyon. We then cut to 4 people on the same rectangle, but back in the city with several lights flying past (vehicles). The camera then pans to the street and rectangle before we cut to the same rectangle, but with 4 different people above what seems to be an ocean. The camera goes closer to the people as the woman goes closer to the man before we're cut to space, as we see the same 2 people on the rectangle, but the camera is sitting on it's side. Then, the camera pans out to see the rectangle more visibly before we cut to the same 4 people from the top of the ocean, but this time, up in the sky, with the rectangle still there. As the woman approaches the man, the camera pans forward, then the woman sits down as the camera stops panning to see the text "enjoy the vue", with "enjoy the" in white and "vue" in a fiery red-orange colour with curtains and smoke. Then, the URL ( fades in at the top right corner.

Variant: A prototype version exists.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, which is all live-action.

Music/Sounds: We start off with a warped sound, then a violin playing before a rock tune with drums, guitars and synthesisers play before it calms down with a piano piece.

Availability: No longer played unfortunately.

Editor's Note: The weird music at the start can startle some, but this is a favourite of a fair amount of people.

2nd Logo (2010s-2015)

The Future of Cinema.png

Nickname: "The Future of Cinema"

Logo: TBA.


Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Same as the previous logo.

Editor's Note: TBA.

3rd Logo (2015-2020)


Nicknames: "The 2010's Version Of Kanaal 2", "England's Most Beautiful Random Logo", "Big Screen Entertainment"

Logo: We see water droplets forming what is supposed to be an ocean. The ocean then forms a cascade that looks like a water tap, and then we zoom again to the droplets. The droplets then zoom, and they get paralyzed, with the color of the droplets changing into gold. Over 3 seconds, a text saying "GET READY" morphs unto them. The water droplets then return to its original blue color. Then, the droplets became glue and paperboard at the same time, supposing that is a broken seat, when we see 3 pannings of it, one at the middle, one at the near bottom, and one at the bottom. Over it, 2 red yarns unites the broken seat, and when they're done, the text "TAKE YOUR SEAT" morphs in the seat background. The seat then fades into a blue background, with a giant water circle drops into another oceans, making many circles turn into the right to form an horn, and then the text "EXPERIENCE DOLBY AUDIO" morphs into it. Once it's morphed, the horn engages two digital explosions, and into a radar-esque style, the sound horn's sounds spin, as the camera is unfolding it. And then the horn zooms out to see a black background with joints of circles forming eight circumferences. Over two seconds, the text "DISCOVER SONY 4K" appears, with a camera opening with a bright, orange circle. The circle opens rainbows in it's shadows, And then we zoom to it, taking some blue particles, circles, lines and shapes onto it. Many lines and comets, which resemble the camera's area, zoom in intensely onto the viewer, and it goes more and more intense, as the camera can't hold much pressure, and in it's ultimate form, it's brights are so seen that we are cutting into a white background. (a la 2001: Space Odyssey) The white background implodes with orange smoke upon it, and over 3 seconds, the text "vue", formed by many curtains and smoke, appears in a black background, thereupon the text "BIG SCREEN ENTERTAINMENT" would appear in the bottom of the text. Everything then cuts to black.

FX/SFX: Everything in this logo, which is very well done.

Music/Sounds: The sounds are really complicated to the logo, and it's too difficult to explain on detail. The most important sounds in the logo are at the end, the sound horn makes 2 explosions, and then other sounds accompanied when it rotates. The music is a one-note bombastic, digitally and synth-like emphasized fanfare.

Availability: Same as the previous two logos.

Editor's Note: Although the combination of CGI and live-action is one of the best of the decade, the logo is trying too hard on your eyes and ears, and the fact that this lasts 1 minute and 41 seconds (1 second longer than Hendring Limited) only makes it worse, but at least, unlike other logos of this kind, it has a reason to be the way it is.

4th Logo (2020- )

Get Lost in Great Stories.png

Nickname: "Get Lost in Great Stories"

Logo: TBA.


Music/Sounds: TBA.

Availability: Current. Played before every film, at every Vue Cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

Editor's Note: TBA.

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