Ĉeskoslovenský Filmový Ústav (Czechoslovakia)

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Descriptions and video by bigladiesman

Background: Also known by the acronym ČSF, Československý Filmový Ústav was the Czechoslovakian Film Institute and Library, and as such it had the job of directing Czechoslovakian film industry and preserving its works. Obviously, it disappeared shortly after the independence of both the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The logo is apparently a custom one made for the productions by animator and director Karel Zeman.


Nicknames: "Mr. Prokouk", "The Bowing Puppet", "Hats Off to Karel"

Logo: On a black background, some animated sparks start appearing throughout the screen. A bigger spark appears in the center and illuminates that part of the screen, letting us see a rotating umbrella top. The words "ČESKOSLOVENSKÝ FILMOVÝ ÚSTAV" (displayed as an arc) appear letter by letter above the scene. Once the words are complete, the umbrella stops rotating, and we get to see that it's being hold by a regular protagonist from Karel Zeman's animated shorts: Mr. Prokouk, a mustachioed puppet wearing a straw hat, a handkerchief on his neck, striped shirt and pants and a vest. He takes his hat off and takes a bow to the audience as the syllables FIL-MO-TÉ-KA appear just below him. Below "FILMOTÉKA", three little sparks form the lettersČSF, thus finishing the logo. The puppet puts his hat back on.

FX/SFX: Very nice stop-motion animation, which is strangely in black and white even on color films.

Music: Starts with some dreamy vibes (or early electronic sounds) and percussion as the sparks appear, then a warbling electronic sound as the arc of letters appears above. When the puppet bow, a playful trumpet tune plays, with its four final notes sounding as the "FILMOTÉKA" syllables appear. Three dreamy notes accompany the appearance of "ČSF". A single piano note finishes the tune.

Availability: DVD prints of Karel Zeman's works (The Fabulous Baron Munchausen, for instance) have been released worldwide by various companies, and they should contain this logo. However, it seems that these prints are quite hard to find.
Editor's Note: None.

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