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.tv was a British television channel dedicated to technology that was owned by British Sky Broadcasting. The channel began broadcasting as The Computer Channel and broadcasted at 18:00 to 20:00 on Granada Good Life (later known as Granada Breeze). The broadcasting hours were expanded to midday-midnight when The Computer Channel (later .tv) started broadcasting on BSkyB´s digital satellite platform Sky Digital in 1998. The channel ceased transmissions on 1 September of 2001 because of low audience ratings.

The Computer Channel





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Logo: On a black background, a blue light flashes and then transforms into a rotating blue globe while digital stuff and lights appear in the background. The logo then fades into a red digital eye with a metal border on a dark red background. There´s another fade, and then we see another digital globe (sliced horizontally) which emits blue lights. The globe fades out and then another blue globe (the color´s a little more darker) appears and the other globes emit from it. The digital stuff/lights disappear and the background changes into a cyan one. "[.tv]" and the channel´s URL appears via "blur" effect below the globes.

Variants: Two other idents for the channel's programming blocks have been made.

  • family.tv: We see a kid in a red shirt and blue pants playing a game on a portable game console with his dog in a green bubble, but the game console explodes into 3 TV tube-like shapes in three colors (blue, green and red), and the camera pans into a father on a pink bubble as he looks at the shapes. The dog chases these shapes and the camera pans more, as a person on a transparent green bubble appears in front of the dog, and the dog jumps, and it meets a girl on a blue bubble, which shows the dog a teddy plush. The camera zooms back so we can see all the members of the family. The blue bubble is also more bigger than usual. The shapes then move below and form the text "[family.tv]", and the shapes return to the kid.
  • internet.tv: TBA

FX/SFX: Not bad animation for 1998.

Music/Sounds: First a take-off sound is heard. Then a funky theme plays, then there´s an ascending sound and a female announcer says "Dot TV".

Music/Sounds Variants:

  • On the family.tv variant, a playful theme is used.
  • On the internet.tv variant, an atmospheric drum & bass theme plays, and a swoosh is heard when the result forms.

Availability: Extinct.

Editor's Note: The beginning may surprise a few, but it´s a very nicely done logo.

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