1001 Video Film Distributors (UK)

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Logo description by naxo-olé and MegaAveron25 Logo capture by GoAnimateFan199Pro Video capture courtesy of czar7474


Logo: Same as the later variant for the Knockout Video logo, except that "Knockout" is replaced with "1001", and the equal signs are replaced with a pound (or hash) symbol.

FX/SFX: See Knockout Video.

Music/Sounds: See Knockout Video.

Availability: Near extinct. Seen on the company's very only pre-cert release of the video nasty Psycho Killer. It was also seen on the BBFC "X"-rated box cover edition of the film too. Unfortunately, only 2 copies of both editions exist. This is probably the rarest home video logo ever in history and the nearest to being extinct.

Editor's Note: See Knockout Video.

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