1st Prince Creations (Nigeria)

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(Late 2000's?)

Logo: We see a room at night with four windows with blowing curtains. It then zooms in to one of the curtains to reveal a purple circle with a purple crown on top of it, with the text "Prince" circling it. The camera then spins around the object. The scene then cuts to the same object outside the house, with "Prince Creations" below it. The text "1st" the fly's right next to the text "Prince".

FX/SFX: While the CGI is not as bad for a Nigerian logo, the logo suffers from bugs (i.e. The room lights up in the first part, only to turn dark again when transitioning to the crown wearing object.)

Music/Sounds: Techno music with the sound of the wind howling.

Availability: Seen on the Nigerian/French movie Bonnet Magique.

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