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Background: 5th Year was a webseries created by troupe Mail Order Comedy, later adapted for TV as Workaholics. Most likely, 5th Year Productions was a subset of Mail Order Company to deal with keeping the license and creative rights of the actual 5th Year franchise. They were presumably folded back into Mail Order Comedy in 2014.

1st Logo (November 6-8, 2008) 5th Year (2008)5th Year Productions (closing) Logo: We see a ribbon with the words on it "5th Year .com" with the red star on the top right corner on a white background. Then the Stencil word slides down on the bottom "PRESENTS".

Closing Variant: "PRESENTS" is replaced with a website link on the bottom "5thyear.com".

FX/SFX: The word "presents" sliding down.


   Opening: A sword shining sound.
   Closing: A guitar tune.

Music/Sound Variants:

   On episode 2 of 5th Year "Must Be the Money" by Nelly plays over the closing variant.
   On the opening of episode 5 of 5th Year, the opening theme plays with it, and on the ending it is silent.

Availablity: Seen on all five episodes of the webseries 5th Year.

Editor's Note: Decent for a web logo, and interesting choice of sound contrasting with the logo.

2nd Logo (April 6, 2011-April 16, 2014)

5th Year Productions Nickname: "Mad Dog's Good Twin"

Logo: A pug in a birthday hat is seen inside a room, the room apparently thrashed from a party. Balloons litter the screen and in the background are a bottle of champagne and some red Solo cups. The pug snarls and moves his head around, then stops, looking upwards. A black and white ribbon reading "5th Year Productions", each word in a different font and askew, appears. The ribbon has a white interior outline and one red star in the top right corner.

FX/SFX: All intentionally choppy stop-motion.

Music/Sounds: The pug snarling (resembling snorting) and a party horn noise during the shot where the banner appears.

Avalibility: Can be seen on Seasons 1-4 episodes of Workaholics.

Editor's Note:Although likely unintentional, it resembles Mad Dog Productions (with similar static dog image, snarling and noise arrangement).. it is a very cute and funny logo and a favorite among animal lovers and Workaholics fans alike.

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