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Logo descriptions by Grig2007

Background: 7Art is a Russian production company.

1st (and only) Logo (2010-2011, 2011-2012, 2014, January 1, 2016; August-September 2017)

Logo: On the black background we see the electric blobs. Blobs merge together and form abstract "7". The number flips and forms "art" in modern font. The blue flash appears and disappears shockingly like electric sign. The Cyrillic "presents" is seen below.

FX/SFX: Everything. It was done in CGI that still holds up nowadays.

Music/Sounds: Electric sound, the 2 whoosh sounds, the another whoosh. Then, it followed by 1-note chime.

Availability: Near extinction, if not fully extinct. Broadcasts may plastered it with Comedy Club Production 2013 logo. Seen on earlier 2010 and 2011 episodes of Univer (Универ). Was also seen on TNT4 broadcasts of aforementioned program. Also seen on several early episodes of Sashatanya and other programs. This was only logo shown on Russian TNT to be plaster victim, but not anymore. Was seen on TNT-Comedy broadcasts. It have been removed and/or plastered. May have been seen on 2010-2012 episodes of Interns (Интерны) and international/syndicated broadcasts such as TNT-Comedy (former TNT4) broadcasts. There's almost no video on Youtube (except for EnormousRat Part 4 of Film Company Logos), other videos is recorded with potato camera. But, it was not seen on TNT's channel show episode videos, having been plastered with Comedy Club Production logo, because it shown later episodes not having that logo.

Editor's Note: None.

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