A&E On Demand

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Logo descriptions by imacomputergeek

Photos by imacomputergeek

Video captures by ENunn

Editions by

1st Logo


Logo: On a gradient background, a violet-colored play button pops in. The background then changes to white and the button becomes a little bigger.

Thebackground changes again to a pink-gradient background where the word "now" in white appears. Then the word "on" pops up. It goes to the white background once again where the word "demand"in a stylish font appears. It then gets smaller, quickly gets bigger again, and then gets smaller again. We go back to the gradient background where the A&E logo in violet appears. The words "ON DEMAND" pop up to the side of the logo. The background then changes to pink again, then to white where the words "BE ORIGINAL" appear.

FX/SFX: The background colors changing, the words changing. Simple animation here.

Music/Sounds: A western-like tune.

Availability: Seen on on-demand prints of A&E shows.

Editor's Note: None.

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