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A2Z is a Philippine free-to-air broadcast television network. It is a flagship property of ZOE Broadcasting Network in partnership with ABS-CBN Corporation through a blocktime agreement. The network's name is an abbreviation derived from the first letter of the names of two parent companies, ABS-CBN and ZOE, the number of now-recalled channel frequency of the former, and English alphabet letters from the first letter A to the last letter Z. A2Z operates daily from 7 am to 11 pm.

(October 6, 2020-)

Logo: In a blue background, a gold bar slides in from the left, which causes the 'bubbles' to appear. Then, other gold bars draws itself to form the letter "A" from ABS-CBN's wordmark. Another set of gold bars appeared and formed the number "2". Several gold ribbons then appear inside and outside the number "2". We then transition into the letter "Z", which is already formed, with 'bubbles' surrounding it. Finally, we see a number of gold ribbons and bubbles forming the whole logo. The words, "Channel 11" then appears. The logo shines throughout.


Music/Sounds: A funky tune followed with an announcer saying, "This is A2Z, Channel 11."

Availability: Brand new.

Editor's Note: The logo first appeared on the network's test broadcasts in October 6, before the station officially launches 4 days later.

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