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Logo descriptions by Matt Gauer

1st (and only) Logo (1976-1977)

Let Us Be The One! ABC Television Network (1976) ABC 1976 Telop ABC 1976 Telop KOMO 1976WCVB 1976 KABC 1976 KABC "Hollywood Squares" Promo 1976KABC 1976WLS 1976KTUL 1976WOKR 1976Nine Network "Let Us Be The One"

Nickname: "Let Us Be The One!", "Let Us Be The One You Turn To!"

Logo: On a black background, we see a small group of sparkles moving around in different directions until they form the worlds "LET US BE THE ONE!" (tilted at an angle). A pink glow flashes behind the words as they continuously zoom closer and fill the screen. Then we cut to a chrome ABC logo glowing blue, with the ABC letters shining as it slowly zooms out.


  • A version was made for Nine in Australia. In this version, the Nine logo replaces the ABC logo.
  • An alternate version was also made for Nine in Australia in which the network's "nine dots" logo replaces the Nine logo.
  • A still version was also used as an alternate ID and for closed-circuit broadcasts. Some times the glow around the ABC logo would be smaller and darker.

Custom Local Variants:

  • KOMO-TV 4 (Seattle, Washington): There's a byline with "KOMO TV" on the left, and the station's logo on the right.
  • WCVB-TV 5 (Boston, Massachusetts): There's a byline with "wcvb-tv" on the left, the station's logo in the middle, and "boston" on the right.
  • KABC-TV 7 (Los Angeles, California): The station's logo replaces the ABC logo. In addition, program titles like "Hollywood Squares", "Match Game P.M.", "The Gong Show", and "Let's Make A Deal" would be featured in the same sparkling animation as the "LET US BE THE ONE!" text. An alternate version has the standard ABC logo with a byline below with "KABC-TV" on the left, the station's logo in the middle, and "LOS ANGELES" on the right.
  • WLS-TV 7 (Chicago, Illinois): There's a byline with "WLS-TV CHICAGO" on the left, and the station's logo on the right.
  • KTUL-TV 8 (Tulsa, Oklahoma): The station's logo appears in a glossy silver/white (instead of chrome blue).
  • WOKR-TV 13 (Rochester, New York; now known as WHAM-TV): There's a byline with "WOKR TV13" on top and "Rochester, N.Y." on the bottom.

FX/SFX: The sparkles forming the text, followed by the shining of the ABC logo.

Music/Sounds: The campaign's song "Let Us Be The One", which is based off of the song "Let Me Be The One" by The Carpenters.

Availability: Extinct, as it was only used as a station ID.

Editor's Note: The animation was done by Robert Abel and Associates. The sparkling, glowing, and shimmering effects (although primitive by modern standards) were state-of-the-art for their time, and certainly has that "disco era" feel.

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