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ABC Comedy was launched on 7 March 2005 as ABC2, a secondary digital channel for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. From 2011, the ABC Kids block on the main channel was discontinued and preschool content was moved to ABC2, with the new ABC Kids service airing from 6am to 7pm and ABC2 resuming during the night hours. In December 2017, the channel was relaunched as ABC Comedy with a new focus on comedies and stand-up shows. In January 2021, ABC Comedy was rebranded as ABC TV Plus, returning to a general entertainment format as part of cost-cutting measures.


1st Logo (2005-2008)


2nd Logo (2008-2011)

3rd Logo (2011-2017)

Variant: From 2014, the logo was tweaked to feature the classic Lissajous curve, which was being re-introduced to television at this time.

ABC Comedy

4th Logo (2017-2020)


5th Logo (January 2021-)

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