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The High Impact Theatre System (shortened to HIT or HITS) was a system used by AMC Theatres in the 1990s, composed of a non-perforated and high gain screen (known as a Tørus screen) that was sucked into a compound curved screen by a vacuum. While this method cut costs due to using a smaller bulb, this system became highly controversial due to the loss of contrast, geometric distortion, and hot-spotting that was common with it. In addition, due to the design, the speakers had to be placed above and below the screen rather than behind it, causing additional sound phasing issues. This resulted in the system having the derogatory nickname "SHIT System" or "SHITS" among filmgoers and projectionists. AMC later phased out the HIT System by the early 2000s.


Logo: On a black background, a lustrous orange ball with a green aura streaks away from the screen. It hits the back, leaving several orange sparks to emit, then bouncing back toward us. More balls come in from various sides, converging in the center and bouncing off just as the first ball did. After a while, the balls stop, and quickly streak away, leaving a bold trail behind them. These balls form an orange rectangle, which with a flash of light transforms into a curved blue plate with a silver border containing the AMC logo in silver with a red outline, spinning. We turn to the back of the plate, which zooms in, revealing 'HIT' in a tall white font, light emitting from it. As the plate fills the screen, 'SYSTEM' is revealed below. 'Tørus Screen' also fades in on the bottom right of 'SYSTEM'. The logo shines throughout, and fades into black.

FX/SFX: The balls moving and the plate spinning, the words shining. Really cool early CGI at play here. This logo was done by Metrolight Studios.

Music/Sounds: A deep droning sound, combined with the 'whoosh' sound of the balls as they pass by, and pounds when they hit the back. When the balls streak away, an even louder, higher droning sound, followed by a short rock/drum tune as the plate spins, and synthesized shining sounds as the words in 'HIT SYSTEM' reveal themselves, with sparkling and droning as we fade out.

Availability: Long extinct outside of film collectors, as the HITS system is no longer used by AMC Theatres. For a while, only low-quality uploads of the logo had existed on the internet until YouTube user FT Depot uploaded a high-quality snipe on February 6, 2021; however, presumably as an act of catharsis, they went and carved an "S" next to "HIT" in the film's frames.

Editor's Note: Despite the system's obvious shortcomings, this is still a nice logo.

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