A Foul Tempered Woman Productions

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This was the vanity card of Katherine Green, executive producer of the short-lived 1992 Fox comedy Rachel Gunn, R.N.

(June 28-September 4, 1992)

Nickname: "The Grumbling Woman"

Logo: On a gold background, the words "A Foul Tempered Woman" fade in (in upper and lower case), and then "PRODUCTIONS" fades in below that (in all caps). A squiggly curve design with an arrow on the end then fades in and completes its run. An animated woman's arm with a long-sleeve gray dress (the hand has extremely long red fingernails, and there is a red ring on the fourth finger) then reaches up to the top right-hand corner of the screen to rip that background away, revealing the then-current (1991-93) version of the Columbia Pictures Television Torch Lady underneath it (either with the "IAW" text above in the first seven episodes or nothing above for the remainder of the show).

Variant: Later prints of the pilot have the logo slowed down a bit and it also freezes just before the arm comes into frame.

FX/SFX: The words fading in, and the animation on the arrow and the lady's hand pulling the background off.

Music/Sounds: A short piano tune plays as the logo forms, then an angry woman's voice, and the sound of paper being crumpled as the the woman rips the background away.

Availability: Extinct, as it was only seen on the 1992 Fox sitcom called Rachel Gunn, R.N.

Editor's Note: The hand appearing could startle some. The logo does a great job blending the CPT logo into it, but the later variant ruins the effect, as there's nothing underneath the background for a few frames before the CPT logo suddenly appears.

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