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Background: Action Max was a video game console made in 1987 by Worlds of Wonder. It used VHS tapes as the game medium and consisted with nothing but light gun games, currently, only 5 tapes for Action Max were ever released in the NTSC Format, The system is also known for being a big flop in sales and the units are now considered rare.

(1987-1988) Action Max Logo

Nickname: "Action Max Filmstrip"

Logo: On a blue background with a sunburst below, we see a filmstrip with clips from Action Max games playing inside each part of the strip. "Action Max", in a futuristic font, zooms out, then flips up. A white laser shoots the "O" in the logo, making it flash, and then the logo zooms in through the "O".

FX/SFX: 80s computer animation.

Music/Sounds: An 80s synth-guitar pop tune, with a soft "DING!" when the laser hits the "O".

Availability: Seen when the Action Max (the only video game system that uses VHS tapes, though Hasbro did plan on a similar system years later) is turned on.

Editor's Note: None.

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