Akurama Film (Indonesia)

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P.T. Akurama Film was the film production division of Indonesian record company Akurama Records.


Akurama Film.png

Nicknames: "Connected AF", "Ghostly AF", "Cheesy AF", "Crystal AF"

Logo: On a black background a red "AF" draws in. The result stays for a few seconds, before we fade into the same "AF", but it's now filled with a space picture inside, making it look like it's carved out of a crystal. The blue words "P.T. AKURAMA FILM" shoot in below with cyan lines behind. The cyan lines disappear, and "Mempersembahkan" and "Presents" appear below the name in a lime-green color.

FX/SFX: The "AF" drawing", the fade, the name shooting in.

Music/Sounds: A loud majestic fanfare.

Availability: Extremely rare. Can be seen on the only two movies made by them: Nakalnya anak-anak and Aduh aduh mana tahan.

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