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Logo descriptions by katola520 Video by Hammerman8699 Background: This is the production company of television writer and producer Alan Spencer.

(September 23, 1986- )

Logo: A simple byline (in white font) appears after the production company/year wall of text. This byline is usually place in front of (or above) a background picture [see 'Variants' below] and is immediately followed by an "In Association With" text and whatever company produced the TV show or movie.

Variants: The Nutt House: There is a still shot of a front area (including doors and a doorman) of a fancy New York hotel. People are walking about on the sidewalk. The trunk of a yellow cab with its tail lights on appears on the lower left quarter of the screen. This byline is on the middle of the shot (in a Cheers-like font): BROOKSFILM TELEVISION and ALAN SPENCER PRODUCTIONS, INC.

The shot is immediately followed by the blue Touchstone Television logo.

"The Ghost Writer" (1990 TV Movie): The byline is on top of the screen written like this:

ALAN SPENCER Productions

The picture that accompanies that byline below is that of a dead man rising from his coffin attempting to strangle an obviously alive guy out of anger. This is followed by the logos of the Phoenix Entertainment Group and New World Television (1989). "Galaxy Beat" (1994 TV Movie): The byline is in the middle of the screen (like The Nutt House variant) and written in same manner as "The Ghost Writer" variant, only with an entirely different font (the bigger size of the font made on first letters of Alan Spencer's name) and with a line separating the name and 'PRODUCTIONS'. This is accompanied by a picture of the main cast (including a little alien). It is followed by the logos of 3 Arts Entertainment and HBO Independent Productions. FX/SFX: None. All are still shots.

Cheesy Factor: The only logo variant that might look cheesy is the 1980's Billy Joel look-alike in the second version of the logo. The expression on his face looks more like he doesn't mind at all being strangled by the angry dead man.

Music: Usually the last chords of a theme song or exit music.

Availability: Uncommon.

Editor's Note: Low. Aside from "The Ghost Writer" variant possibly scaring some people, the other two are relatively harmless.

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