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Logo (19??)

Logo: On a black, space-like background with white stars, a shooting star moving toward the bottom-left of the screen, and a periwinkle gradient towards the bottom with black specks popping in and out on it, a golden film strip flies in from the left and covers the middle of the screen. Cyan text reading “ALFA VIDEO HOME” then appears in the middle of the strip, and the screen flips upward to reveal the same background, sans the stars and specks, and cyan text reading “ANTICIPA” quickly appears.

FX/SFX: The shooting star, the specks popping in and out, the film strip covering the screen, the transition and the text appearing

Music/Sounds: An upbeat, electronic/synth tune that sounds muffled.

Availability: Appears on at least one VHS tape, that being an Argentine VHS release of Head Games (1996).

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