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Hong Kong Alpha Motion Picture Co./Seven Seas Motion Pictures Company (香港七海影業公司/七海電影公司) was a film company, which located in Hong Kong. It was closed in possibly 1983.

1st Logo (1968-1979)

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Hong Kong Alpha Motion Pictures.jpg

Nicknames: "The Toei of China", "Nam-a Pictures Co., Ltd. Hong Kong Brother"

Logo: The logo starts out with waves crashing with some rocks footage, We see the black or blue triangle with "ALPHA" on the triangle zooms to the right then lines is drawn in the triangle to make room for the company name, The Chinese characters wipes in with English translation then wipes over.

FX/SFX: The waves crashing, the zooming and the names wiping. Basically the same as the Nam-a Pictures Co., Ltd. and Toei logo.

Music/Sounds: The sounds of waves crashing.

Availability: Very rare. According to HKMDB, this is seen on their films released under the company. Such films like The Avenging Boxer, The Double-Double Cross and Possesioned are an example.

Editor's Note: Possibly a Toei and Nam-a rip-off, still this is a 1970s animation.

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