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Logo descriptions by mr3urious and Kyle Corteville Logo captures and videos courtesy of Brillemeister, phsycospacezilla and Kyle Corteville

Background: Alpha Video is one of the largest video distributors with over 600+ DVDs released. The company is owned and operated by the Greene family, which also owns reissue record label Collectables Records and e-commerce site

Alpha Video Distributors

1st (known) Logo (Early 1990s-Early 2000s) Alpha Video Distributors/Classics - CLG Wiki

Logo: On a gray marble background, a yellow square with a star cut out of it and three curvy lines on the right (forming an abstract and simple version of a waving American flag) with "Alpha Video Distributors" seen on the right, zoom up to the top of the screen. Fading in below are the words "The Finest in Children's Entertainment", in white.

Variant: Sometimes it flips up to the screen, then cuts to the Greatest Film Classics logo.

FX/SFX: The zoom-up (or flip-up).

Music/Sounds: Same as the New Age Video logo.

Availability: Uncommon. Seen on old tapes of public domain cartoons, and may be plastered over with the 2nd New Age Video logo.

Editor's Note: The synth music and darkness may be a little harsh,but that's to be expected.


Alpha Video Classics (2000s- ) Alpha Video Distributors/Classics - CLG WikiAlpha Video Classics early logoAlpha Video Classics Menu

Logo: Against a cloudy sky in the evening, some silver stars circle around, followed by a blue square and three waving red stripes. The square turns upright to face us as a large silver star zooms out and plasters itself onto it. The stripes arrange themselves on the left of the square, and the ring of stars circle out into the distance. Some sunbeams form the words "Alpha Video Classics", in silver, and the star shines.


   Early: Another version used a brighter different version of the clouds time-lapse with blander CGI.
   Menu: A still version if the early clouds time-lapse with a slightly smaller version of the early logo with 2 dark blue colored gel-like rectangles added at the right of the logo and the logo and rectangles were also tilted upwards.
   Also From: The logo fades in a bit later, and is smaller and starts with the text wiping in below. Then, "Also From" wipes in above the logo. The star also doesn't shine.

Note: The Music for the early logo can be heard here

FX/SFX: All the CGI effects, which are surprisingly decent given the company's reputation.

Music/Sounds: A dramatic synth bass sound, a "pow" when the star hits the square, and a short piano ditty at the end. The early version had a corporate fanfare also used in the United Artists Theater Policy Trailer for the time, so it's probably stock music from that period. Otherwise, it's another classical jingle that they used for it as well.

Availability: Seen on DVDs of classic TV shows and films, for instance, Jeff's Collie, and even some exploitation films.

Editor's Note: They should have had the circling stars go into the star, otherwise it's an relaxed logo.

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