Always Good Film Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)

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(1982-1990?) ===


Nickname: "Art Centre Productions Brother", "The Brass AG", "Art Centre and Cine Art brother" Logo: On a black background, a red sunburst flash through screen, leaving a red/maroon trail of the "aG" which is in lowercase, but a 2 mirrored a's, zoom out with a red light trails in front, then fills with red (a la Art Centre Productions) and the outlined logo (which is in neon brass yellow) zooms out, and then places inside red "aG" logo, then turns to yellow, which flashes, and then make the logo looks like a golden "ag" which contains 2 mirrored "a's" but with "G" in the same "a". The Chinese text zooms out, followed by English text in white, which flashes.

FX/SFX: The Art Centre-like trails zooming, the outline zooming and the logo forming.


On Carry on Pickpocket (the first film), the logo was in CinemaScope. Some trailers had the shortened animation which is little fast and is smoother. Another trailers (such as The Intellectual Trio) has the 16:9 cropped, but the animation is normal than little fast version. The tint and the quality of the logo may vary. On the trailer of Carry on Pickpocket, the quality of the logo is little bad. Music/Sounds: A horn sounding tune, then a 4-note trumpet is heard during the logo forming, and 3-note is heard when the company name is zooming. The fanfare was used on the P.T. Firman Abadi Film logo.

Music/Sounds/Variants: In some trailers, the little fast and smoother arranged version of the jingle (following into 2-notes) was heard before the logo is fully finishing and the company name follows the logo.

Availability: Uncommon, Seen on the movie Carry On Pickpocket, Who's the Crook (the LaserDisc version has the no logo at the beginning of the film, althrough the private labels is not distributed on the home video label.), Sweet Sixteen, Just for Fun and The Intellectual Trio. Also, was turned down on a Fortune Star trailer of Carry on Pickpocket and some DVD/VCD releases of said film.

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