Amada Anime Series (Japan)

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(August 3, 1989)

Logo: On a zooming-in space background, we see three abstract lines, one red, which is thin, one blue, which is thick and one green which is flat, uniting together and flashing, which form an abstract tricolored "A", flashing altogether. The company's name on japanese in yellow flashes and appears zooming in from the bottom of the tricolored "A", and zooms in to the center of said thing, and then flashes. Everything stands still, except for the space, which is still zooming in.

FX/SFX: The tricolored A forming, the text zooming in, the space and stars directly zooming in.

Cheesy Factor: The logo starts and ends too soon, and when things get interesting, we can see half of the logo.

Music: We start off with an ascending "cartoony throwing", and then flashes and dings are heard, which culminates into a note-holding synth note with some kind of bongoes of it and a sudden orchestral hit with the same note as the synth held. The music sounds very similar to the Stardust Video logo.

Availability: Rare, bordering on extinct. Seen only on the only three releases of the company: Super Mario the Peach Boy, Super Mario The Tiny One and Super Mario and The Lady Snow White.

Scare Factor: Medium, if you aren't appreciated with the nature of the logo, but it's mostly harmless and has very boring and at the same time interesting animation. The sudden note though, adds to the scare factor, but still it's too far from being scary.

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