American Genre Film Archive (AGFA)

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American Genre Film Archive (Sometimes know as American Genre Film) is an nonprofit organization that archives and releases more obscure and international films. Their Home Video business is an imprint of MVD Visual for DVD and Bluray releases.


1st Logo (2009 - ?)

AGFA (2009 - ?)

American Genre Film Archive Logo.png


"80s AGFA"

After the FBI warning unique for each title, it transitions to a black background. Lines begin to form the letters AGFA. After forming, the letters back up while the words "American Genre Film Archive appear under neath. After both fully form up, the logo causes an illusion of multiple versions of the logo coming towards the audience in an 80s like effect.


Nice 80s throwback effects with the form up.


A simple synth theme that could be considered annoying, but is well done for being a throwback logo.


Seen on all AGFA releases currently by MVD Visual.

  • FBI warning seemly are exclusive to each title as the capture from Wakaliwood Supa Action Volume 1 Pack contains a custom FBI warning before the logo.

Editor's Note

While some people maybe surprised by the FBI Warning, the logo itself is a nice 80s throwback and holds up long other throwback logos as one of the better efforts.

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