Amusement & Multimedia Studio (Japan)

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Logo description by SnowflakesOmega


Amusement & Multimedia Studio (1999, Part I)Amusement & Multimedia Studio (1999, Part II) Logo: On a white background, the blue text "Amusement & Multimedia Studio", in three lines, fades in word-by-word. The text then squashes and slides to the sides, as the acronym "AMS" fades in. The acronym flashes and a transparent copy of the word zooms in and fades out for a half-second.

FX/SFX: The animation of the text.

Music/Sounds: A soothing piano theme, with Japanese female voices saying "Amusement & Multimedia Studio", and then "AMS".

Availability: Seen on the D3Publisher game The Gun Shooting 2.

Editor's Note: None.

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