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Logo description by LOCALCOWBOY and 1 other.

Background:Animaccord Animation Studio is a Moscow-based Russian studio which produces animated films. This is professionally known for the production of it's one and only very own animated TV minishort series, Masha & The Bear.

1st (and only) logo

(2009- )

Logo: We see the gray blurry line appearing on a black background with white circles as particles popping in, three outline lines draw the square with the letter "a". The logo moves to the left as it zooms out. The background is now turned into blue, the words appear next to the logo "Animaccord animation studio" with straight lines appearing. There is still some particles on a background. There is the website underneath.

FX/SFX: The animation.

Music/Sounds: None.

Availability: Current. So far, only seen on the CGI miniseries Masha and the Bear. Don't expect to see that logo on newest seasons and episodes of the latter.

Editor's Note: This is a fun logo for those who grew up watching Masha and The Bear.

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